Dodge Bomb Tournament: Ovis and Pyrr Steal the show!

We can host up to 8 teams. Teams are made up of two players. The last team standing out of the elimination style tournament will win 500 oort.

2nd place 250 oort.

Cost to play. In order for us to keep bombs in supply we are asking each team pay 10k up front.

Match are best of 3 rounds.

Teams: 5/8

Iconic (Orrian, Skeletor)
CuttlePunks (Coolpants)
Sasquatch (lesioui)
Shinra (JDGroat, Ghostface )
Legends (ILegend/Kristjan)
Body Snatchers (Undead/RacingQueen)



Shinra is down we got team of 2. JDGroat/Ghostface

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Instead of having the teams pay, you should do advertisements at the event. Have malls, shop owners etc. sponsor teams and have advertisement signs there. My shop sux but I’ll sponsor anybody who needs it :rofl:


I can whip something up.

@ginabean Have 2 people to compete?

Teams feel free to go practice. Arena always open.

I’ll give a shoutout on Twitter on Friday for you :smile:

Will also do my best to come and watch again (and try and get some screenshots!)


Great thank you so much!

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3 spots left for teams of 2. Everyone is welcome! Bring a friend!

Any sponsors or 1 plot shop sponsors please PM me.

Dont think I’ll play but I’ll definitely do my best to come watch :smiley:


I’m gonna be streaming my point of view of the tourney :ok_hand:


If I have nerves so that I can be there with my team.

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Get a buddy and go practice. Arena is west of the hive. Right outside.

Still looking for a few teams.

TNT will sponsor a team!

Also, I think we could maybe do extra prizes for all participants. The more the merrier right! How many people are on a team?
I see: 2

I think we could do a forged hammer or bow for each participant.



2 per team

1st place 500 oort.
2nd place 250 oort.

Cool, yeah we can contribute some participant prizes. Just have your teams lets us know (hammer/bow). What would you prefer Orrian, could drop them with the teams or maybe you directly?

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Very exciting. I think I’ll come watch; but what planet is it on? I can’t seem to find those details. :face_with_monocle:

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If you can make it you could hand them out. Or someone from TNT?

Arena is in Iconicsberg Biitula. There will be a portal opened today at the Hunt Hive. Dont forget teams. Get out there and practice.

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