Does anyone have a list of how much prestige each block type gives?

Does anyone have a list of how much prestige each block type gives?

Base prestige, I know prestige can vary


Here’s the old stuff before the rebalancing. Don’t think anyone has done the new one

1 Like has prestige values and xp values for all blocks thanks to @Stretchious


The prestige values listed is wrong. Most of them are way undervalued. I know that the site pointed out that the value is “base” prestige, which is very vague. Also, the site doesn’t distinguish the difference between “wild” blocks, which are untouched natural blocks, and non-wild blocks, Wild blocks have no prestige value, but non-wild blocks do have prestige value.

That might be the old list before the prestige changes

Base prestige is actually quite specific, it’s the only relevant value that can have any real meaning when comparing prestige in two beacons that arent exact copies. It’s the prestige of the single block on its own, not taking into account any of the modifiers such as chisel ratio, %built or block variety… i can however not vouch for how current that info is though :+1:

yeah but how do you determine the base prestige? The site doesn’t specify how the value was attained, That’s why I said it was vague. When I check a block’s prestige, beside the single beacon control, I only place the block to be checked inside, the prestige difference is the block’s prestige. Is that the “base” prestige?

Here’s a list based on recent data, also includes the new prestige crops. Though I’m sure boundlesscrafting is also up to date.

However, I now have reason to believe that the “prestige” value that we see in the data is now the prestige “bucket” the block is in for prestige calculations, because devs have confirmed different base values for actual prestige of the fully grown crops. I don’t know if that info is still there, it might be omitted from the client data now, but either way the bucket tier still seems to give us a rough idea.

Before that, I thought for a while that the bucket “id” and actual base prestige were the same since I saw Machined Iron and Decorative Marble act in the exact same way (“prestige” is now 19 for Machined Iron and 19 for Decorative Marble, suggesting that at the very least the old actual base prestige values would also not be accurate anymore since it used to be 60 and 50), but they probably just adjusted the actual base prestige values to be the same as well.

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I had some advance mixer coils on hand so I tested them. When I checked the prestige value ingame, the number I’m getting is 280 compared to 24 as listed on boundlesscrafting site. Main reason why I doubt the accuracy of the site’s info on prestige value. Excluding the values pertaining to deco crops, which the devs have confirmed, the other prestige value are incorrect.

It’s up to date as far as the original farming release. I’ve not imported the prestige crop release or the recent couple of patches. Hopefully get it updated this weekend


As I said, the values both boundlesscrafting and my site are based on is the raw game data from the files themselves, and most likely the value known as prestige is indeed incorrect now as it is the bucket instead.

The thing with testing prestige in game though is that any beacon will have a certain bonus already applied to the prestige value so that needs to be reverse-engineered before we can reliably get the base values. For example a 1 plot beacon without anything in it (besides a beacon and air) already has 10 prestige by itself. I guess it shouldn’t be too hard if we compare it with old prestige values of which a lot probably didn’t actually change.


So, the site should say that the prestige values were taken from raw game data inside the files. Claiming that those values are base values is misleading. I assumed the OP was asking for the actual ingame prestige value.

If anything, the game data itself is misleading. Neither site claims it to be base prestige, simply “prestige” which literally is what it is labelled as in the game data (and data-wise the only thing we have to go on, thus many people myself included assuming they were the new base prestige values, when apparently they are not).

yeah. The problem with that is that in-game effective prestige varies as described above by pfiffel. A compact iron block will give a different “differential prestige” on beacon view when you place it in your beacon and when I place it in mine. Likewise, the first compact iron block you place will give a different extra prestige to your beacon than the 10 000th compact iron block you place in the same beacon.

Agreed the actual calculation for prestige of any single block in a beacon is not clearly understood (as in the exact formula isn’t known AFAIK)

I’ve been looking for something exactly like this for ages. Thank you.

Does refined copper count as a different “object type” compared to machined copper, for purposes of variety in building materials?

This is not “base” prestige. This prestige value is based on a full set of modifiers and bonuses including things like how many voxels in the plot are empty.

This information is purposely obscured now. All information regarding prestige values and bonuses/multipliers was removed from the debug interface and @lucadeltodecso seems to have implied that the values currently in the game data are not very meaningful.

Some experimentation on a friend’s build after that update showed that he value of a single block can swing very widely based on the new calculations.

This can vary by literally hundreds of points per block based on other factors in your build.


If they have different prestige (bucket) values assigned to them, yes they’ll be considered varied.

  • Histogram of Prestige Buckets: Each prestige value of a block/prop falls into a bucket value of prestige (i.e. 10 prestige items 12 prestige items and so on). The game will now look at the histogram of spread of blocks/props across the beacon area. If the beacon is considered to have a good spread of prestige items in each bucket, the final score will not be changed. If the spread is very uneven (so for example, then thousand 50-prestige items but barely anything else), the game will begin to penalise the total prestige on a curve of how uneven the spread is.

Source: Prestige Balance in Testing 218

I’d like to add an anecdote to this.

When the prestige update dropped, my friend lost several hundred thousand prestige off his build, and also the viceroy position on his chosen planet. He was ready to ragequit on the spot. Two of us convinced him to start placing some random blocks and checking what they did for prestige. His build was roughly 2.8 - 3 million prestige and probably over 90% machined iron and deco sapphire. The hit was huge.

At some point, after us bringing up just about every placeable block we could find to check it’s prestige specifically on his build, I put down a block of compact hard coal. It added approximately 400 prestige. 400 that’s no joke. We started placing compressed hard coal all over, he was building a wall of it.

By the time we had placed about a stack and a half of it, we checked the prestige value of a single block again. At that point it added 120 (approximately) prestige. We finished the wall and a bit of “block art” i was making. By that point the build was approaching 3m prestige and he was viceroy again.

For reference in-game data that has been published shows compact hard coal as a 20 point block.

Presumably, while the boost from adding a blocks of a new type was rapidly diminishing as the number of them increased it was also bringing up the per block prestige of the existing blocks by some small amount also as they steadily became a lower percentage of the total block types on the build.

A good amount of chiseling and replacing some of the machined iron blocks with machined copper blocks (not adding more blocks, just replacing blocks in the existing structure) brought him something like 200 - 250k more prestige as well. Though my memory of the specific numbers on that is a little fuzzier since i wasn’t directly involved.

In any case that’s a bit of a ramble but it’s a real explanation of what I mean when I say the prestige value of a block can vary by literally hundreds of points per block depending on the composition of the existing build. They’ve definitely hit their goal here of making variety more important to overall prestige than any particular block type.


I know craftorius quit because of losing viceroy. Shame, his build was amazing irrespective of prestige.