Does anyone have a set of standard power coils I could borrow? [complete]

I was looking through my journal and see there are “Power Coil Power Up” objectives that for some reason have not completed.

My workshop is fully powered with advanced coils now, and I have given away my standard coils years ago to new players in the area.

Just wanted to knock over these objectives if I can.

I’ll give them a clean and polish before returning them, I promise :smiley:

I have refinery, workbench and centraforge i think. If you want them, they yours

I could also sell a workebench or compactor, maybe a refiner.

In the end if you can’t get a full set, I can at least help you get the job done. I have one set kept aside in case I ever need to do this.

Just need a single mixer, extractor, and compactor coil now.

Thanks @PrincessMaude

I already have everything fully powered with advanced. was just hoping to clear the objectives without have to remake the standard power coils.

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I have these two.

I’m just hanging around crafting right now, if you’re online.

All done.

Thanks @Nightstar

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