Does anyone know how to get in touch with square enix about boundless game specifically?

Looking for square enix support for the boundless game if anyone knows

We don’t really have to “get in touch” with Square Enix. @philelliott works there.
Now if you hope to be the hero who can solve anything about the game’s situation, I’ll be honest and realist with you : your chances are close to 0.

Best of luck.
PS : I feel like I should apologise to Phil about this. Sorry Phil.


Email. There’s a thing called Google which allows you input search terms and hopefully brings up relevant results.

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please elaborate without the sarcasm , or else your attitude is not appreciated . no trolling

If anyone speaks to Square Enix I would hope it would be someone that has a level head and has the community and its best interests in mind.



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Square Enix provides marketing, consultation, expertise, & publishing services to game developers & game studios.

Everything else = James/Boundless. This includes the IP, assets, game mechanics, updates, player issues that arise, customer service, and so on.


Oh come on Majorvex, don’t troll the poor guy! That’s not nice of you!


everyone has a boss , that’s not the information i’m looking for

James is the boss.


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Even he has to answer to someone .

You can reach the CEO of Square Enix at this number : +1 (605) 313-4000
Good luck!


Some of the Boundless community actually has contact with Square Enix weekly. Maybe he or she will speak up and give you their information.

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Yeah well, you reap what you sow, with your in-game behavior.
Plus, both Majorvex, Cagian and I gave you actual answers. I even told you the name of a user who does legitimately work at Square Enix. Now if you were a decent person, that would’ve been the end of it, but you had to spat on every single person who replied to you.


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