Does anyone know where

Does anyone know where someone built a giant hopper?
I’ve seen it before but can’t remember where it was


Aqua guild hall. Can’t recall where the portal is…


Thank you, I’ll check it out


Anyone has a photo of a blink hopper please?

Ovis has one hidden in a mountain somewhere.

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I built one on Minorengle


Ye as said… Aqua guild sanctum. You can go there from aqua embassy . Portal saying "guild sanctum.
Formerly i think it was P.U.R.E s hopper but i think its now cliffside builders or something? Correct me if im wrong. Made from dark glass if i recaöl correctly

Really like that, I’m trying to build them but I’m terrible with a chisel so it’s taking me some time haha

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Thanks man, yeh it was a really tricking thing to build from scratch, which is why i often build/chisel with clearly defined blocks (compact/refined metals, twisted timber, refined rock) so I can see exactly whats been chiseled and how.

I remade that, genuinely, 6 times before i has happy with it :joy: