Does Anyone Sell Cheap Lower Level Forged Goods?


I’m thinking low level regen bombs, Iron 3x3 hammers, etc?

I’m seriously surprised this segment of the market isn’t flooded.

What better way to retain new/er players than to give them an affordable taste of the good life?

Many new/ish players can scrounge up 2-4k, many new/ish players cant do 15k+.


How many you looking for?


Someone in the gyosha mall has iron forged gear. I have gold forged hammers in my shop. #74 use the force. Believe the other persons shop is close to mine or same hallway


Also, what tier planet?


It’s still resource intensive to put 3x3 on a lower tier hammer so I don’t think the price would be viable given the low durability of metal tools.

In the same vein though I’m surprised how hard it is to find chisels/spanners with auto harvest and glow radius. These are amazing replacements for torches and every player using a light source should be switching to these including new players.


i’m also looking for some affordable aoe iron hammers and axes for T3 worlds!


I’m about to make some, how many do you want? I don’t actually normally sell them… But I’m a sucker for a fella whose having a hard time haha


I have copper regen bombs for 999 at my yam farm in shedu. When facing the alcyon portal look behind the portal… second personal portal from the center on the right. The 3x3 though I don’t have


My points exactly! Why arent these more prevalent in the game?

For those responding, thank you kindly for giving me some new contacts. :slight_smile:

How much do Iron 3x3 Axes, Shovels and Hammers go for nowadays?

What about the chisels/spanners with auto harvest and glow radius?

Besides the Gyosha Mall, where else can these be found in abundance?


Thank you kindly, much appreciated!


If you’re speaking to both me and op, it depends on how much you’ll be selling them for :0


Both, yeah, I make two types of hammers about 10k and maybe 17k-20k. But I dont really sell them, I just use them… if you want something in particular I can probably make it, Wont charge much, I’d give you a regen bomb frankly. Otherwise, it would depend on what you wanted. I know this isn’t specific, but if either of you want something, just PM me and I can determine what the cost would be. … for you Nyuudles, it might just be free…


Have you looked at moonies? Larky sells tools/weapons for every tier planet

Edit: don’t quote me on this since I generally don’t buy them but I think they are around 10k for the low tier. Bombs are about 3k

Edit 2: she also has a section with discounts on low end stuff too. It’s random the stuff that is there. Sometimes weapons sometimes tools or grapples.


I believe the reason why there aren’t a ton of low level forged 3x3 items is that they require the same $$$$ materials to forge as the top-of-the-line 3x3 AOE t6 items. The only diff is the effectiveness during the forging process.

As mentioned, there are a variety of forge shops in the Gyosha mall. I’ve seen chisels & spanners, with glow and auto loot, iron forged items, t6 forged items, etc. It’s almost 1am here so I am getting ready to log off, but if you are online tomorrow, I’d be happy to search the stores for/with you. :+1::blush:


I have a few +durability spanners and chisels for sale in Thraxxia @250c

Ultima US East hub, Tana VII, Thraxxia.


f-f-f-f-f-free1??? I feel too bad to accept free x-x maybe we can trade… things :slight_smile: with coin added


If you are wanting to trade I all always looking for bark. Can make you most rank 300 items.


I have Iron forged tools for sale, 1-2k various boons and mixed AOE… I’m even doing lucky dip on forged Iron shovels for 500c just to clear stock space and for new players to try out and experiment with. all with no quirks or defects. I don’t really forge much Iron now, but will do so on request for friends if they want something for lower tier worlds.

Upper Plaza Market - Lamblis PS Hub, upper ring.(Bone’s Yard right opposite the portal exit.)


This is basically what I use for low tier worlds (this happened to fall on speed vs dur due to rng), it’ll pick up an extra 10 action speed when I equip it w/ > 55% health… works ok


I’m saving my bark sorry :frowning:

Just stopped by to buy a shovel, hammer, and an interesting aoe fist :smiley: thanks a bunch!