Does Anyone Sell Cheap Lower Level Forged Goods?


Yeah, when computing costs, one must take into account all the times rng blasts you. Including false start losses when using deconstruction resins. I suspect that most people here realize that. I think there are two camps: (1) those who price items such that even with these losses, a certain profit will always be made (if you get lucky you make a little more), (2) those who price items such that they wont loose money if they get unlucky. In RL, option 1 fellas have successful businesses and option 2 fellas loose there businesses if they get unlucky too many times in a row. In the game, option 2 shops are AWESOME, until the fellas stop running the shops because there isn’t much incentive… I tend to be option 2 myself in game, but I don’t run a shop, I just make side deals. That way I also get immediate feedback from people and feel good about it.


Moonies sells titanium t1-t4 tools for under 10k I can’t remember what it was now I just checked this morning and meant to post it but fell asleep.


I hate that I have effect and longevity gums but I get an ease effect or lightness effect or glow. I think it should stay in the gums you have not get random wasn’t targeting gums. I have two golden forged aoe hammers for 6k but will gladly give to a newer person to held them out on lower tier worlds.


Yeah the recent forge update changed gums pretty harshly. Pre update 3 gums would give you a 90% (personal experience from hundreds of forging sessions) to get the boon type that you wanted (special, effect, longevity etc.)
Now even with 5 gums it seems you have a max of 75% chance to get your boon types. (cap may be even lower, have put 5 effect and 5 longevity and gotten glow, speed and special boons repeatedly.) so the gums don’t help nearly as much as they used to. Deconstruct resin is now a part of handling the rng to compensate, but it makes you lose more resources from forging as a result (it says 75% chance to return the individual materials for deconstruct 3, more like 50% based on my experience, several thousand forge sessions in.)


Yeah it’s crazy how it works now. Seems kinda pointless to run pure boon 3 when you may not even get the gum you want


I Sell Basic 3x3 Tools. Exactly for the reasons you think. I sell;
Titanium / Iron
Plain 3x3 w/ magnet
3x3 w/ magnet and damage
3x3 w/ magnet and a random perk.
Rarely any quirks
Axes / Hammers / Shovels
Regen / Healing Bombs
Some Iron Fists
Titanium Grapples

I have an AOE ala-Cart with Titanium standard at 5500 and Iron at a standard price 2500.

My business model is based on having a consistent stock of average Joe gear. You should be able to always trust you can find your basic AOE tool here.

My prices are based very similiar to this…

[quote=“loushou, post:25, topic:24041”]
300c + 1700c = 2000c

…and any personal ‘because i want to gouge’ tax in the equation:

500c + 2000c = 2500c

Find me in Lacuna in the Emporium Nocturn on Storis II
Portals to Gravidias PS hub,
Portal to “Emporium Nocturn” through Finata Ultima Hub (LARGE portal downstairs)
And portal to Angel, Grindstone - Lacuna

Look for “Q-Mart”


Or you can not, nobody likes salespeople except maybe other salespeople…


You… rock! This is what I like to see. A store with sensible prices for lower-end gear. Also I like being quoted, so you have bonus points there. Thanks @Mittins.


You sound like the perfect customer!

You dont need to like me, but if I have what you need, you better open up that pocketbook! :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’ll even treat you amazingly to boot!


I sell Iron Regen Bomb for 999c

I am from the Atlantis Shop (2F on Ultima Mall and the Green Atlantis SIgn in the Ultima Shopping Alley / Central Hub)

and some lower tools, but the tools unforged


@Wablamo we have a categorie with some tools that has not perfect forged, atm we have a cross aoe gem hammer for 3k and a single dmg gem hammer for 3k too

for bigger player cross is not good but for a new player is this still very good and its a gem tool much higher durability and dmg


Here are two videos that show what I am talking about. I say a couple times ‘less than 1k’, but what is true is ‘less than 1.5k’. Still though, the videos shows the method. I do it twice in a row, and I also show why these tools are needed. Hopefully everyone can see that there is a need for it, and if done right, there could be a market for it, where you can even make profit.

Straight Forging of T2 Iron Hammer

Forging of another T2 Hammer with Perspective of a newb buying it


This seems to fit into what I have remarked a lot in many discussions. New players can’t afford the expensive tools they are told they need to go and get gems/ores. Go that I am a new player, level 25 and trying to figure out what I need and can buy to help me get the gems and ores I want. Go looking and read the signs at the forge shops. Buy this nice Hammer for 25k and you will get hundreds of gems! Goes the sales pitch. Sounds great – but one problem. I don’t have 25k. I’m level 25, so I’m out of luck. So, they pay the 400c for a plain ole iron hammer and don’t realize they could probably make it cheaper and it won’t be much good on level three and up.
For the record, I’m at level 42, and I don’t have 25k, right now I don’t even have 10k, but that is because I threw in the towel and bought some regen bombs and two shovels. But, I don’t understand a thing that was stated in what it has, so probably wasted my money.

Yesterday morning I looked at a topaz shovel. price 2750c
Damage 1,755 Critical chance 0 Energy Drain 4(22) Rank 270 (100) Attraction range 2 Action speed 46 (38) C. Effect 80% (20%) Flexibility 25 +445 Damage +8 action speed Forge: +210 damage +60% critical effect -18 energy drain +170 rank.

What does that all mean? I haven’t the faintest idea and is it a good buy, am I being ripped off, paying more than I should?

I’ll think about it, tomorrow, I’ll decided tomorrow
Much later that day, much, much, much later when I am tired and being stupid I see a Sapphire shovel. price 2k. saving 750c.

Going by memory, which is Not a good thing for me to do, as meds mess with my memory I think they seem close.

Damage 1,742 Critical Chance 20% Energy Drain 26 Rank 100 Action speed 38 C. effect 20% Durability 2,200 Flexibility 30 Skill effect +442 Damage +8

Buy it. The next day, today, I’m looking at it and found the paper I had wrote down what the topaz had. Give a big sigh and go and buy the topaz one, hoping that I didn’t get ripped off by either of them. And it doesn’t matter at this moment who sold it.

What I am dealing with, and many others do as I talked to a level 24 player today, they don’t understand the differences, what is different from a hammer I make in my workbench and the forged one? What does the AOE 3x3 mean? Why do I need all this stuff for a hammer that will break in a short time, and most important, I can’t afford to buy that hammer to get the gems/ores to let me buy the better quality hammers. Don’t they make any in the middle without all the fancy do dads so I, lowly 20-30 level player who can’t go past t3 planets, can get some ores to get the coins I need?

I now only 6k coins in my pocket and am hoping and praying I get enough yams I can use and sell what I don’t want to give me coins to buy items I need, but with all the players rushing to farm the yams the price will drop, which is good, but I may have just wasted 4750k coins I couldn’t afford to spend.


I would never spend 25k on any forged item. Even if I had a million coin I wouldn’t spend that much. Top of the line t6 hammers with dura dmg and speed at moonies is under 20k. Want to say it’s 18k. Occasionally you can find shops that sell them at 13k but they are normally not forge shops.


Damage of 1755 is the amount of damage your character causes per block. Your player skills are factored into this number. On the bottom of the tool where is says something like +200 damage or -600 damage (under forged) that refers to the tool specifically. So the same tool may cause different damage if you have different characters with different skills. I have a miner character with “Damage Epic” perk, and all hammer / power skills maxed.

Critical chance and critical damage I usually ignore. That’s a possible effect every swing. “Critical chance” is the likelyhood you will get a critical hit, and “critical damage” is extra damage you might cause with the percentage chance of a critical hit. With these you might randomly one shot blocks per say.

“Energy Drain” - Every swing takes energy. Naturally less energy drained, mean you can swing longer or more time before you have to rest and recharge your stamina (yellow) bar. Gem tools take lots of energy per swing. (-18) is pretty nice.

Rank- Forget about. It’s an abstract number to show a relative quality of the weapon. It affects nothing in game. It just gives you an idea how great a tool is. 350+ is top of line gear. rank 150 is ■■■■. But again it doesn’t matter. Rank 270 is pretty nice.

Attraction range refers to the “Magnet” perk. This is a range you attract blocks from. Really useful if harvesting trees, and a tree limb is a few block away or more, with attraction range of “6” you will probably be able to catch it rather than it drop to the ground and you need to fetch it. This is also most commonly used in “Hunting Gear” as it causes bodies to “burst” and collects their loot automatically.

When talking about AOE (Area of Effect) It is best to find an “All-Rounder” forge perk. thats a full 3x3 meaning you will hit 9 blocks at once. The perk automatically reduces damage a little bit, however you cause the same damage to all the blocks at once. Less desirable AOE is “Cross-effect” here you hit a total of 5 blocks, and the “Low-Blow” where you only hit your target and the block under. MOST Desirable is an “All-Rounder” with some added damage. Then you start one hitting 9 blocks at a time and you will never look back…

I hope this helps. Once you get into forging you will learn all the perks and their uses. Or im happy to answer any other questions if I can.


I read this post and I nearly have exactly what you’re talking about ready. We had a building all ready for it and then I read this post and was like, yup. That’s do - able and I should have it up by end of the day. Wondering where people think the best location for something like this would be as well as a player friendly name that doesn’t sound demeaning.


Gyosha mall. It has a ton of traffic and it is growing daily in both shops and customers


I use to sell and make them for like 4k, but no one buys them. Every one in the game is eye struck with that aoe 3x3 max damage gem hammer in the next guys window.


some defects on pieces, new to the forge & am still learning different techniques.

3x3 iron hammers, shovels & axes
3x3 titanium hammers, shovels & axes

forged titanium & silver slingbows
forged iron fists
heal & dmg bombs

Will also have diamond hammer , shovel & axe for sale / on display downstairs.

The lower pieces are rank 150-200+

Diamond pieces rank 250+ (still learning)

Still working out the pricing but I want it to be affordable to new players.

Building credit go to my girlfriend in game name Keara.


pricing might be easier on lower end forging than it use to be. Because even low end forging in the past still cost the same to forge. We just had to eat it.

Iron cost about 7k worth of coins in tool (1-lower end aoe hammer)use, and possibly a pie or drink, to help gather about 4 stacks of 900. Iron isn’t free to obtain but cheap enough. Most of the expense involved, is the forging liquids. But one has to choose the lower end liquids and not try for the high end results to actually have cheaper iron priced forged goods. Other wise your shooting yourself in the foot spending more on cheaper iron specs.

And remember this games type of economy is more about , existing for the players who don’t want to grind themselves. So it’s an convenience economy. Not a forced one where every shop possibly makes you rich and you can expect a ton of sales. Just throw your stuff up there, and forget about it.