Does someone have a list of optimal tools for each block type? Sponge corruption etc

Thank you very much!

I may have missed some of the citizen-created blocks but here you go:

Plant / Fungus: Axe
Boulder: Hammer
Soil / Sand: Shovel
Foliage: Axe
Rock: Hammer
Trunk: Axe
Gravel: Shovel
Ash: Shovel
Mud: Shovel
Growth: Shovel
Corruption: Shovel
Sponge: Shovel
Mould: Axe
Tangle / Thorns: Axe

Refined / Machined Woods: Axe
Refined / Machined Rocks: Hammer
Compact / Refined / Machined Metals/Gems: Hammer
Refined Gravel: Hammer (for some reason)
Wicker: Hammer (also super weird)
Compact Soil: Shovel
Compact Coal: Hammer
Concrete / Marble: Hammer


Excellent list!
I’d like to add 1 that is a bit of an odd exception.

Wicker, made with only wood ingredients, is best broken by a hammer. Always found this a bit odd.


I thought that was a bug that was getting fixed @Sujimichi88

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refined gravel do the same, better with hammer.

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Nice! On top of those, tangle is axe, right?

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If thats the case, its probably very low prio, as for as long as ive played this game, its been the case. :slight_smile:

@Gorillastomp oh yes, thats also an odd one!

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Not like anyone uses wicker anyway. Too expensive to make - which is a shame.

You didn’t start playing till wicket came out? Could have sworn you’re “older” than that

I use wicker in every single build ive made :slight_smile: i love the texture, the sound it makes when you walk on it. Very under-used block imo :slight_smile:

Nah, im not even a year old in boundless. I just yell so loud and so much, it feels like people have had to deal with me for years!


It should show how “old” people are when you inspect them in game

How much is the penalty for using the “wrong” tool type?

Also how much damage is needed to break a block on each tier?

Added Tangle, Thorns and Wicker to the list. Thanks guys

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Not sure on the penalties but here is a super useful site for seeing block health per tier:

because it’s refined in the compactor…