Does the builder have an explore mode?

I am trying to experiment more with the builder. I watched the dev builder video and have a basic understanding of it. But unless you can explore a world, it is very hard to make a good one without experience. I see the view has a “fly mode,” and it does not show anything in that view. Am I missing something?

Also, the video alluded to a fixed sea level. If that is not adjustable, I would like a feature request to make it adjustable.

not yet. they plan on adding a way to test your worlds.

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Is “fly mode” a place holder?

“fly mode” should work. Let me check my version.

Yep - Fly Mode seems ok for me. What are you experiencing?

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It is probably user error. I just loaded an example world and selected 3d and fly mode. All I saw was black even after waiting a long time.

Which node did you click on? It’s possible some types don’t have a suitable flymode. Try [generator] -> [visualisations] -> [final world] then enable flymode.

But you need to make sure you have a suitable world generated. So make sure the visualisation shows something, before switching to flymode - as it’s only allowing you to move the camera.

It is working fine. I think it is just user error.

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