Does this belong to anyone, or does anyone want it to rebuild it?

Found this in the wild, and couldnt let it be eaten by regen, – happy to give to owner or anyone who would rebuild it.

Bottom has been eaten a bit by regen (fell into caves, made temp sand floor) and top definitely so, incomplete platform and partial steps leading up to… nothing.

Still very nice and deserving of saving, IMHO.

EDIT: Plot is on Solum, at approx -11n 244e Alt:65


I saw that build yesterday. It was just a platform up there. Underneath I dont know. But as far as I can tell it looks pretty intact. Dont know who built it. But yeah, looks very nice.

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I saved this beautiful lake house at @Kawwak spire.
I was visiting when he build it, but i do not remember his name.


Both awesome builds. Glad they were saved!

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This was a Portal hub at one time… the builder had a very unique / otherworldly style for all his portals… sad, I guess this means that his other builds are likely gone / in danger =(

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Here’s another one I plotted just today so that it wouldn’t get eaten by regen. Just a little retreat, but it looked like it was built with some care. Wanted to give the owner or someone that knows/knew them a chance to takeover the plots.

Again if the owner, or someone who will take care of it or build on it wants it, let me know.

EDIT: Coords: Solum, -1584 N, -2110 E, Alt 73. Near-ish the Elara Roads/Bridge.