Does this count as Harassment?


Maybe it’s just anti-road protestors in the house.


It is funny though :blush:


nope its not.
i surrouned alot of houses with the road network in town, nobody ever complained about being griefed.
intention and context matters.


It’s also worth pointing out that not everyone has great English skills, and something innocuous may come across offensive or provocative when roughly translated from their own language - and often times it’s easier for them to stick to simple phrases like ‘dig here’, ‘stop road’, or ‘leave now’.

It’s also entirely possible that this person has nefarious motives, but it’s always best to give people the benefit of the doubt.


I would say either side could see this as harassment. Or either could not see it like that. I’d say just ask him.

Edit: maybe you could make a tunnel for a little bit so his town won’t connect to the road? Should solve it for everyone.


Exactly, and surrounding a stranger plot with your own plot does not look like a good intention. Especially when you are building a road. Why does the road have to be on every side of his plot? Why can’t it be just on one side? :wink:

Normally I wouldn’t write anything about what you propose, but CoC explicitly say it’s griefing. I really am against any CoC that tells you what you should not do, when it could be enforced on the game mechanics level. I understand that no swearing, no racist text on signs etc. has it’s place in CoC, but something like “Plotting around another players base, with intent to stop them expanding” is one side clear, on the second ridiculous.

If I settle in town, plot 4 plots, and after a week you build a road around my plots, and other people start building other things beside that road… with current CoC it’s considered griefing, You, with your road, limited my ability to expand :wink: But isn’t it how cities are supposed to be build? Madness!


ok than i need to pull down all the roads in the town :frowning:


I edited some in my previous post, and didn’t see you reply. But yeah, you should, or you can, with CoC in mind, be accused of griefing :joy:


so then all the road grids overall are griefing!


Remember that “he who plots first, wins” is also within context… so if you build out road grids and then people settle, that wont be griefing. If you put up a sign asking people to plot 3x3’s and then put a road up behind them - they could complain but it’s a weak case…
so yeah I’d say intention matters too;
wherever possible make your intentions known,
And always try to do the minimum possible to get the outcome you want - plotting your road next to them instead of circling them etc.


Hey everybody, thanks for the guidance. Apparently I need to read through these rules again. I’m going to go change how I plotted because I am apparently in error. Also, I had no idea about the name thing. Thought it actually made sense to share his name so the devs could follow-up. Oops.

I just wanted to clarify the story a little bit. I have a very long road ending in a bridge. I wanted a settlement at the end of that bridge/road. I know my desire counts for nothing, “If you wanted it, then you should have put a plot on it”. But, he only placed one plot at the end of my road. There are no other plots from him or anybody else anywhere within sight of that particular area. So, as to whether it was intended for me or not, I think it is unquestionably so. Also, leave now is telling me to do something. That’s different than, “I’d like to build here”.

Secondly, It sucks to have somebody be that way. I was going to just square out my plots right where he put his one plot, which stinks. Now I have to build around his plot. I surrounded it originally, but I wasn’t aware of that part of the code. I was just thinking that if he really wanted it, then he should have claimed more. I’ll route around so I’m within the CoC, but it is the pits.

Thanks everybody!

P.S. I also edited the picture so the person’s name wasn’t showing anymore. Wasn’t trying to name shame (honestly didn’t even realize it was a thing because anybody could go to the area and see what’s going on and who’s beacon it is)


Honestly, I would say the guy blocking the road is Griefing. Because he isn’t using the plot. He built a sign, and telling Cunning to leave but nothing else built. Worse yet, if Cunning tried to go around the plot, it would be seen as preventing the guy from expanding.

The person who put down the plot is being a Bully, he is forcing Cunning to go away, Cunning can not progress pass him, and worse still, the person isn’t even using the plot, it’s sole purpose and intent is to harm and stop Cunning.

The rule of First plotting wins. If you plan to plot 9 squares, and start with the outside layer first, only to turn to the middle plot last and found a person already claimed it behind your back so you wouldn’t have to, does that person get the right to tell you to go away, to call the Devs because you are preventing him from expanding, and then after you are forced to uproot and leave, remove his plot and keep watch to do it again if you come back?

Cause that sounds like a troll and bully.


Since you plotted first they could not get you removed… but yep they can technically take it, and i would 100% call it a douche move.


I would just plot a “C” around his plot for now. Leave one side open, so you are not revenge griefing, but It’ll be pretty obvious who is in the wrong. I doubt he’ll come back to renew it, so you can get it back later…though I know that stinks in the meantime.

As for the jerk, if he only bought that one plot he is obviously griefing. I’d report him, plot around him, and then try to forget it.


Territory disputes are GOING to happen in this game and the game staff needs to be fair to all players who follow the rules. Reading this thread makes me laugh because, according to some of the posters, certain ways of plotting are considered griefing while the same exact method of plotting is not griefing because of “context”. I think the conduct thread rules are pretty black and white about what griefing is and one dude trying to use a plot to block an aggressive road expansion into what he sees as his territory is not griefing.

I mean, I can see it from the other guy’s perspective. He settles this nice big chunk of land and has plans for it. He does not have the plots now to do what he wants, but he made a plan and nobody seems to be around to ruin that plan for the time being. However, he logs in one day and is surprised to find his closest neighbor is suddenly building this slender plotted road that is aggressively cutting through the land he wanted to plot, so he uses what little plots he has left to try claim what he can.

We have two players here whose projects are clashing. If they cannot come to a resolution together, then it falls to whoever plots the land first, gets the land… Or at least that is how it should be. This argument of “I wanted it first so they are griefing me by taking it before I could” is illogical because the other party can make the same argument. If the game staff gets involved in an argument like this and chooses a side, they are playing favorites and alienating the other player. That is not a good business practice.

All of that said, posting a sign on your property telling people to leave may be passive aggressive, but that is not harassment.


The guy with the sign didn’t have a bunch of land plotted. He set down ONE plot, right in the middle of the “road” that was being built, built nothing on it, and then left a rude sign.

That’s griefing.


Sorry, I do not agree. He is not preventing the OP from playing the game.


If it were me I would put a reply sign opposite it asking if it’s directed towards me and if so why. If you’re unable to contact them directly this may be the only option. Members of this forum should be aware of the CoC, so the actions lead me to thinking that perhaps they’re not a member or just do not peruse the forum like many here do.

What really gets me though is how some players are getting really possessive and bitter over land disputes, but we have many planets and loads of space to choose from and move to :woman_shrugging:t2:


You are being purposely obtuse. If you plot a piece of land with no intention other than screwing with another player’s fun, that’s griefing.

Makes me wonder why you are defending it…


I’ve seen a lot of post telling this person, “You should have plotted the land, your at fault for not doing so.” People need to remember, not everyone has money to waste on a game and simply buy massive amounts of plots in a short period of time. Having said that, my advice is to simply build around the plot to one side, don’t encase it in plots or you’ll be the one reported. However should this happen again by the same person, then yes report this person as they are now intentionally interfering with your ability to expand. So take it with a grain of salt, maybe it’s just a prank by someone trying to troll you.