Does this count as Harassment?


I’ve been working for a long time towards getting a road built in between a settlement I’m working on and a bluff I’d like a town on. Got the end of the road to the bluff, complete with a bridge across a little waterway, and then show up tonight to see this sign posted here:

I was wondering if I could get the specific rules on things like this. I thought it was quite passive aggressive for a person to just randomly stick down one plot and make a sign telling (I’m assuming it’s guided towards me because I’m the only one with a plot next to his) to leave. When does this become harassment? Is it simply whoever puts the plot down first gets it? There’s no way for me to communicate with this person, so I can’t see any way to peacefully resolve it. Any pointers would be appreciated.


Does it say “YOUR NAME LEAVE NOW” or just “LEAVE NOW”? If it’s the second why do you take it personally? It’s a general sign probably not aimed at anyone particular, but rather at general populace. You are making it personal by thinking it’s aimed at you.

Yes. If you wanted this particular plot, you should have plotted it beforehand. If it’s one plot in the middle of nowhere, it’s not griefing. He does not stop you from expanding anywhere else, does he?

He has the same right to plot any unclaimed land as you. Just because you want this land does not mean you have a right to it. You get the right to it, by plotting it. He did it first, and he can do whatever he wants. I see nothing harassing in simple statement like “Leave now” even if it’s aimed at you. If it read “I don’t like you” would it be harassment? He has a right to express his will if it’s done in polite manner.


This should help.


It’s stated in the code of conduct that;

Is considered griefing. That said, this particular player hasn’t stopped you from expanding.

On face value, and from experience, it does look like a potential plot dispute, but be friendly, communicate with the other player, and see if you can resolve the issue without escalating the situation.


according to coc he is not being considerate so I think you should report him.
but before try to contact him and have a kindly conversation about this issue

well it’s implicit
like Trespassers Will Be Shot On Sight
how would you feel?


Well, if only the op and that person has beacons around and this is not frequented place, there is quite a big chance that he is intended receiver of the sign.

IMHO this either is prank, even if in bad taste or yet another attempt to lay claim (by the person who wrote that sign) to land without plots or bad attempt to warn about something going on around.

I would actually report and forget about it.


I’m curious the thinking behind your

Report as what? And if you care to elaborate… why? Not saying it’s bad or good, just curious your motives.


I don’t see how that sign would be anyway counted as harassment.
But my question is does your screenshot violate CoC because of it shows this character name? This thread is negative about towards certain players actions you don’t like.
Could this thread considered as indirect name shaming? Where is the line in that? :thinking:


Didn’t see that. But yeah it’s naming and shaming, sadly :frowning: I flagged it as inappropriate for mods, so the screenshot can be removed for them, because I do agree it’s a violation of CoC. That does not mean that I think the question is invalid. I disagree with the sign being harassment, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking community or dev team if it is or not.


I would feel it’s funny, really. I do have sign telling trespassers wil be fed to cuttletrunks and spitters, and I really would like to see more of this kind of jokes in game.


My motive is very simple - this sign imho does not represent any kind of positive attitude (being prank, intimidation or trying to prevent expansion or anything else) and as so should be judged by devs whenever it is acceptable or not. When in doubt, at least as long as i’m reporting and not the final judge, i would err on the side of reporting stuff which i’m not sure, rather than completely ignoring it.
As for how, just use in-game reporting.

Edit: especially now, that we are establishing history for future. We are in early days and I assume that if devs feel that they receive too much false positives they will refine guidelines what is and what is not okey.


I would zig my road a plot to the side, put up a sign calling this bend the “(player name here) chicane” in memory and just carry on my wayward son…


Thanks for elaborating. That those make sense. I’m probably far more lenient when it comes to decide what is really a harassment. I do feel that ones freedom ends when the other ones starts.


It is good to ask questions on forums, line on name shaming can be tricky and screenshots might show than needed as in this case I think it just honest mistake without thinking that it could be violation. Still I think that if some player thinks that something in game is against rules they should report it with detailed reason and support will take action if needed.

It is not positive sign, but it is message to everyone, there could read just “leave me alone” message would be still same. Also I don’t see why sign and building should have some over positive value to the game.


As for wording, “leave me alone” and “leave now” are two different things. First means i want to be left alone (and truth be told i would have then claimed more than one plot at least to mark how much i want). Second means I want someone else to do something and if i plot only one plot that means i have very particular aim.
Not op was already building the bridge and he got it between times when he was expanding. “Leave now” in this context is completely different than “leave now” found randomly in game.


Doesn’t seem to worth a report.
The guy obviously don’t want you to go further.

Just avoid the plot with your road and see what happen. Seem a new player.
A vet would have layed 200-300 plots without any sign, or already contacted you.


And new player would put 5-10 plots, not only one :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup your are right!
So it’s just a joke. I would translate this by

“I don’t want you to go this way, but go for it anyway because I already burned all my cubits”:rofl:


Sorry but nothing wrong here. In my case I had 400+ plots and missed only one(lol was super tired and couldn’t see it under a mound of sand) . Someone came in, placed a one plot beacon almost dead center of my area and hasn’t ever returned, this was over a week ago. Now im stuck with one plot that’s 15 blocks taller then my floor lvl full of sand. That’s plot griefing. Your case, plot griefing doesn’t apply. Should have plotted what you wanted. I even periodically “@his name” in chat hoping to find him online. I even do it while world hopping to see if he’s on a different planet. I even made a forum post, very polite and non insulting and was considered name shaming. So, no one cares, not even the devs.


At all i dont think that this is Herassment, but some kind of bad behavior.

If at the end of a plotted line, wich seems to be a planned road 1 plot is claimed with such sign, i think the intention is clear: annoy the person building the road - or maybe stop the road project if he dont want it.

i did a similar think with a bridg nearby our settlement, and i felt bad with it.
but i wrote onto my sign how the person may concatct us and was around allmost all the time when iwas playing so we met each other and found a way so he can make his project and we ours and now they are grown togheter.

so the person here in this case…
he either dont want the road there, maybe he got other plans in the region?

but even if its bad behavior, for me its not griefing and it should not be a case for a report or something.
if i would be the road builder i would surround this and make the road like an “O” around the plot. :slight_smile: