as the topic title says.

looking for cold berry storage blocks tell me your price.

I need 500 of the same colour :slight_smile:

The brightest you can get from stone is light berry, and if you’re after shelves, then it’s bright lilac/stark lavender.

Are you intending on buying or just asking? :stuck_out_tongue:

i saw cool slate so thats the one nearest to white i think?


Left to right: Cold Berry - Cool Slate

It all depends on the lighting. They look brighter outdoor, but atm it’s the brightest as you can get.

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cold berry does look brighter on the screenshot.
weird,wel then let it be cool berry? have you got 500 by any chance haha xD

I’ve got the materials, so I could craft them.

I usually don’t do such stuff cause they are cheap, but still require multiple steps to produce, so it’s not worth the effort in most cases. :wink:

i know it aint to much hassle , but i do not have the time right this moment, would be nice if you could for me and name your price for the 500 mate.

Cold Berry is the closest to white atm. There’s also Luminous Red which is also very bright, but it’s got that slightly pink shade.

They usually go for 30-50c at shops.

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i like cold berry tho… wel do you have the time to make them for me x500
then we just do 25k for it?

Happy to supply these if Psyborg doesn’t.

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feel free to make 500 as wel (cold berry) for 25k i can use more anyways
thanks in advance

ok will do. thanks

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500 ready in 20 mins