Don't know how you can put up with the Steam forums

Every time I go to the Steam forums, it is so full of trolls. You get those in all forums to some extent, but Stream seems like a troll magnet. I don’t have the patience to deal with that, life is too short.

Hats off to the dev team and the other forums members that try to keep it positive over there.


Yeah - big thanks to @zouls and everyone else.

I take the opinion that everyone is a potential player, backer, supporter, sharer, friend teller, word spreader, YouTuber, Twitcher, Tweeter, and fan.

Also, if you cut through the b.s. we’re getting lots of feedback on what we present and communicate about the game. If players are asking questions like “isn’t this Minecraft?”, “why is this so expense?”, “this is rubbish!” - it just makes me think “we need to do a better job of presenting and communicating the game.”


Additionally - the positiveness I feel from seeing players enjoying the game + sharing their rad creations massively outweighs the negativeness I feel from trolls.


Official forums is all I ever use with any game/project. No Steam forums or Reddit for me.

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No problem, glad i can help :smile:

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