Dont wanna start all over

Well I guess my plots are all gone havent been on in a few weeks and now come back and everything is gone my home is still on the compass but nothing there yeah I know thats what happens I must admit I really am not sure how the whole plot thing works with fueling and all but still makes me not want to play now not gonna start all over :frowning:

What was your starting planet?

if you come to garden district aquatopia i can give ya a bunch off free stuff and a home to restart faster you forgot to add a bunch off leaves to beacon i guess
to fuel it


my start is Byrlyn and im still there still really dont know how to leave the planet I have had this game from way back but still havent played enough to know how to do much…lol

Can you make your way to Brylyn’s capital??

if you on tomorrow ill track ya down
and get you to this space its superactive
try walk to a portal symbol olmost all portals leads to me in the end

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I think you all for the help and I probably wont be on untill Sat or Sun but if anyone is around then ill hit you up…and once again thanks for the help :slight_smile:

yeah just PM me and ill track ya down and show the village and get you some tools and weapons and building mats


I should be on then too got a shop in Moebius plaza and also aquatopia can give you stuff to help out too

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If you can manage to run into anyone, anywhere, chances are (in this game) if you ask for directions, or help, pretty much anyone/everyone will. :slight_smile: :+1:

That said, add my name to the already growing list if you need anything or have any questions, or want a mini-tour :slight_smile:


E on Beacon, go to FUEL tab, take Leave(s)/Wood trunk(s)/Timber/Any other fuel and puot it into the square in the fuel tab, and then ‘add fuel’ to add it into it (burn it).

If you don’t have leaves, etc, go to nearest tree and mine them.

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