Doors - double size

Hello .

How can I make double sized doors? Two blocks wide…


You mean double doors or double sized door? because you can do the former and i am not really sure what the later means?

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Just place door blocks in a 2block-wide space directly in front of each other. This way they’ll form a single 2 blocks wide door.

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Thanks. But, it doesn’t work or I don’t know how.

Like to Build a 4 blocks wide portal (for example) with two doors (à 2 blocks per door).

Thank you both.

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As it stands a single door cannot be more than one block wide.

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Thank you. Open to an update in future?

I don’t even think we have a suggestion for this yet but I am a bit to bussy to set it up.

sure… ok. Thanks.

I’m assuming the technical reason why this is not yet possible is because when a 2-wide door swings, it would have to swing through a few other blocks, where as a 1-wide door is entirely contained in a single block’s space.


Jep, the only way to have broader “doors” would be gliding (up and down) or vanishing gates/force fields. But like Thorbjorn said, there is already another topic about those ideas (… But damn, I can’t find it eather :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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