Drop chances questions

Hello :slight_smile: i asked yesterday already a experienced hunter but i havent gotten any answer from him. So i ask just here ^^

Theres always new players or people that come back into game that never got to know much about the game or got wrong infos shared with back in the days.

In the past there had been many myths going around and somehow people were bit secret about info as they wanted to keep the benefit of knowledge to themselves.

The myth ran back then about whether resources from blocks/surface resources do or do not drop more on higher tier props than on lower tier props. Like orbs for example.

And yesterday a player had few questions about roadrunners and i found myself wondering, does it actually matter if tier 3 or tier 6 for roadrunner glands would be better?

I know about certain parts like trophies are barely dropping on lower tier and the higher the tier the better. But adrenaline glands? :thinking: clearly i would rather send the unexperienced player to the lower planet to farm them roadrunners for glands. But i never went hunting for roadrunners. Maybe someone can clear up things here a little? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

For this info in the past I’ve used websites like these: Boundless Information Station and Block Drops Boundless
Certain resources aren’t affected by the change in tiers but I’m not totally sure how monster spawns work. I assume its based on the type of the monster (stout, strong, etc.) as shown in boundless info.

as for roadrunners drops in general, as roadrunners doesnnt appeared at meteors getting their loot is kinda complicated, as i know/heard the hiigher tier - the better chance for drop

the roadrunners were the reason of players discovered loot farms, i remember there where roadrunners farm few years back developed strictly for mass roadrunner aspawn to farm feather and glands

there is no other way - just run after every roadrunner you see or use/build own roadrunner spawn :slight_smile: