Drop off point


I wish there was a way people could leave me things without me being online.

I’m wanting portal tokens for my new hub and it would be so helpful if I could place something like a storage block that anyone can deposit into but no one can remove items from…
We could also drop off location tokens, free gifts, donations etc. I know request baskets can be used as donations baskets but can’t be used for tokens

This probably isnt in much demand, but it would be nice!


Set up a request basket for tokens. Other ways of trading without being online at the same time include making a guild that has auto-join on, then using an advanced lock to give perms to individual people to specific storage.

Really? Baskets can’t be used for tokens?


Then it should have a feature which would look like the trade UI, where you put like 6 items, and you have to click on a button to validate your choice, with a short margin to cancel before it’s sent.


Baskets can be used for tokens, i dropped off some to someone else last night.

But i agree something a little more versatile that you dont have to set per item would be great.


Seriously? I set up a token basket but I didn’t think it worked… :eyes: may have to try that again. Would solve my issue nicely lol!

I knew there must be a way to do it because I have private storage in someone’s build lol! Too complex for me though that :rofl:

Yeah there would have to be some sort of confirmation step so that you didn’t deposit anything in error


True story, Aenea has one setup at coin converters if you want to see it in action. Hard left as you walk in and its by the window.


Oh my. Thank you!
Well I’ll be quiet now, seems my idea may be redundant :laughing:


I still like your idea!


Being able to attach an item to a mailbox message would be cool.


Reliably getting mailbox messages would have to be the first step tho


The boundless postman is dodgey… always stealing mail.


I love the idea of a drop box or gift box. Could just be a storage block with a different texture. Whoever has perms can withdraw but a deposit could be made by anyone.


A similar thing i was thinking of is if we could have exchange plinths. Can be useful when you want to exchange only colors of an item (exo goo for example). I cant make it to all exos but when i do, i get good amounts of the goo there so this exchange plinth can help with this problem. Can be used for a host of other items obviously too (rocks, soil, etc).


I like this idea, so if I have a surplus of a certain gleam I could go swap it for a colour I actually use for example… Think that would be great. Would be another type of shop to make too; trade centres


I wish the mailbox allowed you to send items. It would also be cool if they opened up like letters rather PMs in your chat window so you could save letters if you want haha.


I would completely support this! We had to make a mailbox center complete with a postmaster and individual mailboxes for each guild member. This would have made things so much easier.