Dropping items bug (testing 224)


Drag-and-dropped items are almost instantaneously picked up to inventory again, when they land in water… Tested on placed water and natural water (just realized it’s beaconed area in both cases - haven’t tried unbeaconed water).


I’m not seeing this in game. Can you give more information about what you were doing? For example:

  • Was your character standing in water or in the middle of a swimming animation?
  • Do the dropped items appear near or far away from the character?

And anything else you can think of.


I was standing in water - first with a inventory view so couldn’t see much apart from items being sucked back in to the backpack.

Then I repeated the action and quickly closed inventory screen. I saw last item I threw away still in water, maybe 2 blocks away, before it moved to me just like when equipped with auto-looter tool (only I didn’t have one).

I dropped a few items in the water today and it didn’t come back though, so it kinda stopped happening.


Not sure if I should’ve made a new topic since it’s not testing 224 anymore, but I hit this too and got it on video. It’s reproducible at this location too. Circarpous I -1166 -1986, near the TNT hub.


Thanks for the video, I was able to reproduce this and have added it to the bug database. It’s not location-dependent, as I tested this with 1 block above water as opposed to 2 blocks shown in the video. The problem here is that when an item drops into the water, it’s initially considered to be far away enough from the character to begin with, but then it will bounce back above the water surface. At that point, the item will be near enough to the player for it to be automatically collected again.