Dual log-in?


Any chance we will be able to log-in twice(same account) on separate characters? That way we can just alt-tab different clients/characters?


Would say that is a no.

Cause that would mean you can use one copy of the game to play the game for up to ten people. Makes no sense from business side.


They allow that, hence the fact you have to BUY character slots and they are not tied to the one character. They specifically said that was so people in households could share accounts.


There is a difference between sharing accounts and being able to play parallel.


fair enough.


They seem to be moving away from supporting this model. In the upcoming chat update, you will receive PMs for all of your alts, no matter which alt you are on. That doesn’t jive well with the idea of multiple family members using alts to share an account.


I have read somewhere from forums that there would be possibility to have dual log-in only when PS and PC account has tied together. There is still platform restriction that characters that are made on certain platform are only playable on that platform.

Maybe someone who has set account like this could confirm that it is possible to have two characters on same account on world same time.