Duel System

1 mistake that many MMORPG’s make is not having a duel system, it might seem like a trivial thing, but it will make them lose alot of potentional and current players, because sometimes you just want to slash your friend to pieces or test who is the strongest of you and an enemy opponent.

Now i will mention the bare basic that is needed and then i will mention something, never really done in games that i feel should be possible.

Base. Absolutely neccesary.

Its quite simple actually. like any other game that does it, give the ability to challenge a person to a duel, he gets a notification he can accept, if he does so a flag will pop down from the sky unto the ground to show a duel is going on, there will be a count to 3 and when it hits 3 the players can deal damage to eachother, the firperson to hit 1/1% hp loses.

I have to say now, duels should only be possible to do in either A) Non beaconed zones and B) Beaconed zones with the option which allows duels (should be an option duels on/off) that way if i make an inn i dont have to worry about annoying people dueling among the other customers, but on the other hand it would make it possible to make arenas (which is already done) which would be beaconed, and allow duels

this is the simplest form of duels, although this would suffice i suggest some slight possible modifications.

Honorable duel and Duel to the death.

I think something that would be interesting would be allowing people to do Honorable duels ( as described above) and duel to the death. this would add a layer of RP to the game, if you allow drops on dying the people could do duels to the death and take the stuff of the opponent.

whenever a duel occurs a flag would arrive that would show that a duel is going on, the flag would be different depending on the type of duel so people would know.

Honorable duels

Duels to the death.


now this is something curious that i havent seen in games but read about in books rather, make a system that allows people to challenge other parties,

so instead of me only fighting my sworn enemy sir dancealot, we can both bring 4 other people and do a 5v5, or 3 and do 4v4 and so on.this would add a layer of depths to fights.

beacons should be able to be tagged as free pvp (as it already is possible) but to avoid chaos it could be done through duel system, so imagine

a huge arena, people are gathering up because the 2 pvp gulds are battleling it out.

on 1 side we have a warrior in bulky armor wearing a 2 hand sword smiling as if he doesnt have a care in the world, an archer checking her strings, a pyromancerlooking calm and collected, and a priest readying her staff.

on the other side we have a paladin in massive armor using a sword and shield, they have a shortbow archer a necromancer, a druid and a rapier wielding swashbuckler.

its the battle of the century but the audience is wondering why its 4vs5 but accept thinking is a handicap the one side is using,

the paladin and warrior run forward at the same time, the pyromancer starts to chant but have to dodge the swashbuckler coming chargin with its rapier, the warrior is nearly dead but the priest casts a shield and a heal on him, the necromancer summons 2 demons from the ground which goes for the priest, they run with incredible speed but are shot mid air and instantly killed by the archer, the short bow archer goes behind the enemies and hit the priest who takes massive damage from the shear amount of arrows which is planted in it, the pyromancer sees it and tries to shoot a fireball after it but the archer just runs aways and dogdes, shortly after it getting thrown the pyromancer barely dodges the swawshbuckler once again, both sides have sustained some pretty damage but the druid who have been healing starts to channel his ultimate,which will aoe heal his entire team, its looking grim for the enemy team and the audience can feel that the end is near, they wait for the unchangeable change of power and the massive area that the spell will cover, they agree that doing 4vs5 was too big a handicap… but the spell never came, it just suddenly stopped… confusion is going on and they look down on the druid, the druid looks around confused and then falls down and dies, behind him stands a person in a hood with 1 dagger in his hand, matching the one in the back of the druid. a realization goes through the crowd that they arent having a handicap, they had an assassin on their team, he taks up his dagger, does a quick bow and then disappears into the shadows again. a great roar of exictement goes through all of the audience and the power quickly changes, the paladin heals abit of his own wounds and his allies but cannot follow up on the pressure and damage from the enemy, the assassin appears a few more times, every time either applying poison damage, stunning them, and generally deal damage. the paladins team falls down, they are all defeated, they killed the enemy pyromancer and priest but the warrior, the archer and the assassin are still alive and are the winners.

something like this. no?


@Zouls I’m afraid I must once again do battle with you. :persevere:

I dont think a duel system is all that necessary in oort. Sandbox style games just dont need the mechanic imo. Because no pvp areas and pvp areas exist, implementing a duel system just feels like overkill. It’s like why do you need to have a system for players to duel in when only 10% of the landmass is safe anyway? If you want to duel you can just step outside the city and rough it up. (or take a quick hop onto a pvp world assuming there are pvp and non-pvp worlds). There don’t need to be rules concerning player fights. That’s one of the fundamental rules of sandbox mmos is that you dont have to sort through a menu to do something. Players define their honor and strength independently of a system. Honor and Face are only as valuable as the next person sees them. If you want glory as a duelist you fight people respectably in front of audiences- and trust me, people will watch a duel even if it isn’t 100% official. If you take a duel you better well be prepared to lose something for fighting, unless of course you have a nice opponent.
To sum up: you dont need a system to assign value or official rules to a duel. Duels are what they are, and the player’s reputation is defined by what other players think of them, not wins or something.

I like the idea of it myself. I can see it as an RP interesting element other sandbox games don’t use

I would like to have a simple “duel” mode with another Player or Team. If you set a duel and the other player or team accepts then nothing else then the duelling players,falling, lava or creatures can harm or heal the duelling people until the enemies or defeted or flee more then 50 blocks away. On defeat they may not die, but lay on ground until the duel is over. I would love to have such a mode ingame :wink:

I don’t mind the idea of duels, I think it should only exist within beaconed areas that permit, it would just be normal killing outside the beacons. Dueling should only be a personal bragging right, no need to keep score, I don’t need people to know that I didn’t abuse the best build and thus lost plenty to everyone who did. Maybe add a betting system into it, other spectating players within the same beacon have about 10-30 sec to bet on the winner before the duel starts. Make it so you lose at about 10-20% health just in case you happen to be prone to walking off ledges after the duel.

did i ever talk about keeping score anywhere? that was the other dude going nuts again.

but 20% hp is a tad too much, its quite thrilling to have a duel and then win with 3% hp left or something, 20% is usually too easy to hit. if people walk off a cliff then thats kinda stupid, also not every area will be pvp you have to remember, that is why instead of having to find either a duel beacon, or find a portal to a pvp world, pay oort stone to go to the world, go out, have 1 duel, and then go back and paying it would just be like 15 seconds fights and then thats that. simple

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I didn’t see you say anything about score, but I mentioned it cause a lot of games do that and I don’t mind losing, but I don’t need people to know how glorious I am.

really? i have never played an mmorpg with scores, but oh well, might just be me.

i think this would just be a nice alternative rather than only having FFA beacons. say i make an arena tournament and some moron will just jump down in the middle of it destroying the fight.

also the fact that you can do friendly duels rather than dying everytime you want to fight a bit.