Duplicate avatar in game

Was not sure what to do about reporting this bug, but I ran into something strange and oddly handsome :wink: Debug info shows that there is in fact two instances of myself in game. Game id not crash, but my doppelganger stuck around for a solid 5 minutes before vanishing. I’ve been having some sketchy connection issues for awhile now, but I just assumed it had to do with my ISP.

Man, I’m pretty!


love it!


I have had this issue when going through portals before, but back in the “good old” browser days.

The other one is your evil twin
He is watching you so that one day soon he will kill you and take your place

no no no… I’M the evil twin :wink:

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that’s what YOU think :smirk:

Any chance you were caught in a freak storm?
(I’ve been watching misfits a lot recently :D)

that happens sometimes with minecraft. I think it happens when you log off suddenly or your game is shut down by another program. it doesn’t log the old guy off because it thinks your game is still running because it didn’t shut the game down properly.

or it could be you accidentally warping in from another dimension because a solar flare caused the oort portals to malfunction.

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