We know from the picture they showed about crafting that the tools will have durability and by that logic i have a few question i would like people to think about.

  1. Should weapon/armor durability work the same way as tool durability?
  2. if it doesnt, then do you think you should be able to repair your tools when they are getting destroyed? would it be better to allow people to use it maybe 1 000 times before it breaks and you need to make a new one so people can’t just make 1 good tool and then use it forever?
  3. If both work the same then we can assume that armor and weapons will be repairable, do you have an idea on how a repair function could be implemented into the game since we dont have the classic repair vendors?

I would really like if tools, weapons and armor was transformed to a broken version when destroyed as loosing time expensive tools would grow really frustrating.

I’d like to see a cool mechanic where once a tool reached “broken” status, you could then salvage rare materials from it, while losing the rest of it’s components.

For example, let’s say you make an iron shovel with three iron ingots for the blade, a wooden handle, and a rare topaz in the modifier slot. Once broken, you can salvage that topaz, but lose the iron and wood. The purpose for this is to encourage the player to go ahead and use those rare items rather than save them for other applications out of fear of wasting them.

This also encourages the player to hold on to that broken item till they return to their base (presumably to use a crafting table or what ever) to salvage the broken item, rather than dispose of it when it breaks or simply have it vanish from their bag when it’s durability hits zero.

If recovering rare materials proves to be too beneficial, then if there were a chance that it was destroyed in the salvage process would serve to keep the same rare mat from being recycled endlessly.


Haven’t idea sounds good, but I think to totally lose an item may be bad if it also may happen to armor and equip. What if the item becomes broken (like Thor said), but you need not only money to repair it (what may be enough if not broken already) but also mats. On this way you don’t lose it, but you will be happy to repair before it is to late :wink:

the idea of losing it is purely for tools, that is why i said ‘‘if they are different’’

I don’t have strong feelings about this. I just wanted to mention that when gear is destroyed instead of repaired, it will result in a significantly higher need for crafting new ones. I don’t have a clue how the economy is going to work in this game nor if crafting will be a part of it, but if it was then it would be better to let gear break and buy or craft another.

Equipment and weapons shouldnt break completely, they would be repairable this is ONLY for tools like pickaxes, axes and shovels.

Ok, if it is just for mining tools then it will be okay. But you have to be able to get the right mats for a new one even without a tool if you want to let them be destroyable.

I would like the idea for salvaging too if tools can be destroyed by process of breaking :wink:

Everything can break, and let them break. But if you repair them before they won’t break :smiley:
If not, craft a new one.

To have to build total new one can be problematic if it takes a long time to achieve enough high mats you would need. On higher tiers that can be a total break down of your char. I would love to have them out of order, but still repairable (on a much higher cost then normal repairing, needing also mats and not only money). Keep in mind that making a high item in a good MMO may take days or even weeks so destroying them can be very frustrating.

Well but i mean, they could broke, but you will know… when they are at (50-150) uses for breaking

If you don’t stop in that time its your fault…

For tools like picks or axes that would be okay, but not for armor, weapons or other essential equipment.

I don’t think weapons and armor will take days or weeks, if high tier tools will just take minutes to hours, or you plan to make the builders and gatherers to pay a higher ingame Price for their job??

you underestimate the power of mmos xD

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I think weapons and armor should be repairable, but tools (axes, picks, shovels, hoes) should be something that you have to keep making more of. I’d like to see a game where you choose the type of weapon you like and then you slowly enhance and repair that weapon and it keeps up to date all the time. Same deal with armor I would think.

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If you’ve played them, I enjoy how Elder Scrolls Online takes a more modest take on the durability system of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I would like to see Oort Online use something of that nature in the way that tools and armor take time to degrade in durability, so that it would become weaker and weaker until it is unusable, or perhaps just extremely weak. At that point you would have to visit a blacksmith or repair it yourself.