Dyspin (Competition World and First World)

Alright so this is my entry into the world builder competition, it is also my first world so if you like it then by all means give me a thumbs up :smile:

Competition Page here.


Like in the brief it said flat hills, so i featured both hills and flat area in my build but i made it look natural with normal colours instead of fantasy type colours.

First Picture is of the structure and the world from a sky view

Second is showing one of the many flat areas

And then a Hilly Area

Yes it has Lakes tooooooooo.

Then here is a view from one of the hills :slight_smile:

So like i said if you think i should win like this post! Thanks!


FINALLY SOMEONE who did notice me when he’s posting his world Thanks man! xD

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3rd or second place right now not quite sure

I would go with Second. Karko’s World isn’t flat at all ^^

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Yasssssssssssssss cmon ladies vote me in

if karko is excluded i am drawn first place :slight_smile: