Dzassak Market Mega Thread: 3x3 plot areas and 1x2 areas available

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Introducing Dzassak Market located on Dzassak. We have mostly 3x3 plot areas available, and a few 2x3 plot shops. You can reach the market from the Xa Frant Portal Seeker hub. It is located a few steps off the Dzassak PS hub. Most shops already at the market are focusing on helping new players. More like this are welcome but high tier shops are welcome as well.

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I will be standing at the market the next hour if you would like to come pick your spot. See you soon.

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My shop there will be running 4 giveaways a day. Current item is 50 Oort shards and 1 refined diamond will be next. Stop bye and maybe you will get lucky!!!

There’s now portals from the Dz Shim farm and Cold Berry Gleam farm to the Market. Portals to dz shim farm from the Ultima hub on dzassak, Ultima mall on finata, and the crypt on finata. Portals to Cold Berry Gleam Farm from Meteor Meet on finata and Ultima hub on dzassak

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New set of items added!!! First thing up is a decorative sapphire block.

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New portal open from Legendville.

I will be taking a back seat on this project. I am handing it over to Taleyah. She is on more durning day hours than me and is very well suited for the job. If you need a shop or have a question please contact Taleyah.

The Saturday hunt and the Slingbow Depot have been my strong areas I will be focusing on them. Possibly adding another Orrian led hunt during the week. I will also be working on a project I have wanted to finish for months now. Once finished I will see everyone there.

Moved our PS portal from Xa Frant to Lamblis. 2nd Floor middle above LAKE. We now have Express shops aswell they are 1x2 plots. Limited Numbers

There is also a road system opposite of the shopping market. It is not aimed directly at shopping, but has a lot of open plots for residential or project oriented property. However I see some shops already building along it.


3x3 plot and 1x2 plot shop areas are available. Come now! This market is growing by the day. It will be huge!!! We have Plentymore shop areas coming soon.


Whoa someone bought out the copper shopper. That’s like 6000 copper ore. I’ll move the coin to the request baskets in a bit before I head to work!

edit: was able to restock mostly, there’s a little bit of coin in the lower baskets

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Lol, I didn’t even notice that when I took the picture! :slight_smile:

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We have a lot more room for shops. 3x3 and 1x2.