Earning cubits

Is there any other way to earn cubits other than when you level up?
Would really like some paint but I don’t know how I’m meant to afford that plus the plots I want and I’m level 20+

You can only acquire cubits by leveling up or buy purchasing them with $

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I thought so, just wishful thinking!

Thanks for that

Though it is only leveling up and buying to get them, and you can always create alts to level up and buy your plots, I hit the cap and can still gain a 50+ level (200k exp) in less than a couple hours (I forget the exact time but it isn’t bad) and while making a profit by mining with 3x3 hammers and teaching pies. Go to New Leyden Market to get the gear since this stuff is the cheapest there right now. Personally, I prefer Sepensarindi since it is a good tradeoff of tons of good stuff but not as tough as a 6, and not too bad on the lava in some of the good diamond areas.

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