Easier way to reset the non loading right portal

It takes a long time to walk down the tunnel where you start at, but there is another way to reset the right portal that is way faster, just go up the side of the tunnel…

works every time (for me at least)


You could alter your sanctum to have ramps instead of stairs… that would speed it up a bit… come to think of it, you could try adding a hallway of some sort and see if that works too :thinking:

You can rename the default sanctum and set your custom sanctum to take its place to have it load by default… just be sure to keep a backup as patches will overwrite it.

Lol on mobile… I didn’t watch the video =p. I’ll have to try that next time :heart:

every time i edit the sanctum the client just crashes, there is a fix on the forums but its not worth my time/effort.

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I’m sure they’ll have it fixed in 249. :upside_down_face:

The easiest way to handle it is to keep a backup of the affected file and just copy it back in before returning to the game, but I get not wanting to deal with it.

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you could also type /reload in chat to reload portals

not really