Easy way to find Hunts

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As it does not seem to be known to all, let me summarize how to join hunts the easy way.
Thanks to @Simoyd, there is a bot in Discord allowing hunt leaders to call hunts, notifying all hunters. The only thing you have to do, is to sign up for the Hunter role.

  1. Install Discord
  2. Join the official Boundless discord channel: https://discord.gg/6Tsn7EZ
  3. Get the “Hunter” role by typing “!hunter” in the #bot-spam channel
  4. The Bot sends you a confirmation.


After that you will see then in dedicated channel all announced hunts.

All major guilds have also this channel with hunt invitations, but you can see it only if you have this “Hunter” role. When planning the hunt, pay good attention to the timezone and meeting point, if unsure when, which place, how to get there, ask in the #general channel or the hunt leader.


Provided you do not want to see the invitations, just type “!hunter” command again and you will be unlisted.


Thanks for this guide friend.

Documentation here: https://github.com/Simoyd/ProtectorVenari

If you don’t wish to, or are unable to get Discord for some reason, we do have a Public Hunt Plaza at the main TNT hub on Circ 1, just outside the portal pit.


Discord can be run in Browser too: discordapp.com.
No Excuses :laughing:

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