Hello guys!
Ive started new settlement in Dzassak wich atm is just my base called “Eco”

I’ll be sharing my journey here as i proceed with my settlement.

Also if someone is interested you are free to join , but keep in mind this is suppose to be Ecological settlement … so no gleamtowers or what so ever.

Edit. Yes you can use gleam ,but for lighting
Use lanterns/torches/natural light

Ive a portal to my place in Ultima Dzassak hub.


But gleam IS part of the ecology lol.

But in more seriousness, I’m liking the screenshots you had put up in another thread.

Wooop woop, Buugi good luck! Waiting to see what you come up with duud

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Gleam is a natural block… :wink:

Good luck man, I’ve come across some awesome places which have natural vibes. Can’t wait to see what you come up with :smile:

What i kinda meant is gleam towers etc. You can use any block but keeping it some what “eco”

Thank you. I got some plans after ive done my base there :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone can take this how they like.
Yes gleam is natural block.
What i meant as said was that theres not going to be 200 block high gleam towers.

Little common sense. Is all i ask.

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I’ll be renting out rooms soon there in “moebglowtowers 199”


I know, I was being silly. Sarcasm doesn’t always translate well. I should have used more emojis like Fiffer did.

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You can have mud pond

I’m interested in build in your Eco settlement Buugi, this afternoon I’ll come to see.
Have you plotted a large area?

I heard Rumours eco is building with materials from a factory on beckon fueled by coal instead off biological peat I hope these Rumours are incorrect :grin:


Don’t tell him! I have a plenty of those materials to disposte of!!

I havent plot big area. You are welcome to join in ! Was going to plot a lot cause i like forest there

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That is such a neat idea!!! Keep up the hard work!

What are your coordinates? I’d love to come check out your new buu-mpire.

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You’re the best! Thank you!!

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See you there!

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Yes we use baby moebs as work horses

^ Just because they’re sustainable, doesn’t mean they’re ethical!

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