Economy Ups and Downs


Economies are versatile things - it will balance out on most items. Right now we’re seeing a depression due to the footfall bugs (which over-generated coin due to server instability and now under-generated due to server stability) - expect an increase in coin and trade with the next patch’s rework of footfall.

As for items: There is no such thing as too many items, it just translates into more building which increases prestige which increases coin gain.


Not complaining - I can see fewer players everywhere so it’s to be expected - but for interest’s sake… Used to have to restock sale stands every day, replenish request baskets every 2-3 days. Now: Sold one item in four weeks, 8 of 10 baskets sit full still even paying pretty good prices. Traffic is waaaay down.


Exactly the same thing happens in real life. The coin supply has decreased and people hold a perceived value of items in coin terms. As such, they are hesitant to sell at the lower prices - which leads to them shopping less and thus selling less themselves (since the perceived purchasing power of their coin has decreased). This in turn leads to more hoarding of coin. And viola, you have a great depression scale event. If we did have a reserve bank they would be stimulating the economy right now to counter this by investing large sums of money - but we don’t (yet).

Once coin generation picks up the mentality will magically reverse and things will return to “normal”.


Oh, another interesting and very related effect that this causes is that people discover that they can be more self-sufficient (like me suddenly farming many things I would normally purchase).


I’m not buying anything until I start getting more then 780 coins a day from being the capital of a planet. There’s just nothing I can afford from such a meagre sum.


Whilst the bug fix will help you - have you tried advertising your city to encourage more traffic?


I have done some advertising but I’m pretty sure the only people visiting Delta is for meteor hunts


Delta also has some very nice growth field. Out of interest - how much coin do you expect per day from being capital? Keep in mind that being capital is a passive income (unless you’re also providing portal services of course).


And if the same people visit every day, he gets 0 footfall after the first day.

Devs, why is this not fixed? Sure, there have been some nice updates but the game is not working as intended.


Yep agreed. Interesting thing is mine were way above market rate for a while (someone found my gem basket and cleaned it out :slight_smile: ) but it still didn’t move. I think the problem for me is more that I don’t run a portal (insufficient shard income) and the area itself gets less visits. I expect if the economy weren’t in a slump more people would make the visit but I think the biggest factor is just fewer players. Especially fewer new players, it did feel like the busiest time just after PS4 launch. As I said, not complaining just interested in how it changes & what affects it.


I guess Feb 2019 we’ll finally have our answer.


What is Feb 2019 meaning? Is that a date that has been mentioned for something big?


He was being sarcastic.


He actually means Nov 3rd 2020 :joy:


Boundless economy is as it says…player driven. Meaning that if you’re a player and intent ON HAVING the economy…you can monopolise it in your favour. Provided of course you kiss enough poots and betray enough of the (already formed) guilds intent on “owning” or “running” the game they feel they have paid for (or they feel their ego needs to claim).

But what VERY few realise is that, the economy doesn’t mean anything.

You can in fact make a couple of alts with various skill pages that can do everything you need with not much work and a good trustworthy group of players (like the cuttlepunks) who support each other.

You can do it alone too…or with a partner. But it’s not impossible.

And those that scoff at that can PM me or any cuttlepunk…



I look at the things on my shelf in the store, and I’m like “No one is going to pay that! I know where to get 100 of those in 15 minutes!”

I think the bulk of players are farming more and more, cause there is basically a bunch of good farm spots for everything!


This game has changed DRAMATICALLY since I began a few short months ago. I’m now able to play like a playa (lvl 37 2 malts @ L17, 1 new alt) and there’s no longer shops I can easily run up to trade with the requests, make my money (before kept 10k-12k coins easy, now strive to keep on hand 6k) & then purchase what I’d like to have. I’m a decent impulse buyer in fact & can’t very well do my impulsive buying these days. Try to run theu your usual portal run…hit brick walls left & RIGHT, where are all the posts in communities (ie. PS4 communities) shouting out “join our settlement”? There are ghost towns everywhere I run (I explore daily), I’m playing solo lately as 3 settlements I helped build have died, 1 has been removed from world entirely. The game is DEAD MAN WALKING…help noobs, talk to senior players, move out & about (this is not equal to abandoning your thriving community btw) or loose like " Tomorrow Children" did our game, …my humble thoughts


Lots of players on this hunt today, lots of shops…


Have over 60k coins in my request baskets, refill at least once a day if people sell to them. And 6k can buy you many of the tools I sell, and several of the forged tools I sell. Highest price is 7.4k for t6 aoe hammers.

The community I joined has been thriving and people are always on playing here in Little Japan. There is still alot of life in this game. :slight_smile: as far as I can tell the economy hasn’t died, just shifted gears from mining stuff to hunting stuff.


This is a good move from an economic standpoint because Oort is the only item in the game that has a solid sink, so Oort holds its value the best.

Here’s my economy update for players looking to get ahead. My advice will be to people who aren’t yet at the end game and are still collecting their first full set of coils.

If you were relying on selling monster drops to high level players for income, they probably won’t need you soon. Slingbows last longer than hammers so the need for high level crafting mats will decrease. The focus on hunting will also mean those players are now stockpiling monster drops. They likely have huge gem reserves at this point, enough to give everyone still playing the game a backpack full of gem tools. There’s officially nothing to sell them except Oort. You could sell to other mid tier players but they are in the same boat as you and should take my advice and not buy from you.

Self-sufficiency is key. If you can’t do something yourself, roll an alt who can do it. Alts can become masters of their field much quicker than you can gain even 5 levels on your main character. Getting to level 50 is not a priority with a stable of alts so don’t focus on it right now. Only go for 50 when one of your chars is leveled so much you can make an alt redundant.

This is the time to take advantage of all the empty mining spots. The high level players continually optimize their own gathering strategies and those also happen to be fun to build so more and more farms/mines will pop up.

Don’t buy gems from high level players unless they sell to you for under 100c each. Topaz and sapphire should be worth about 50c now, diamond and ruby 85c, and amethyst and emerald 100c. Alloys are all the same and you shouldn’t pay more than 35c for them each. Many players will think these prices are too low, but they are trying to take advantage of an information gap to accumulate wealth. The alloy and gems are infinite and effortless to collect. The coin is not. The materials they are selling you are worthless to them so stand your ground and their prices will continue to fall as they’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks. I don’t know where the bottom is but we aren’t there yet.

If you need coin, use an alt slot to do all the starter quests, then transfer that coin to your main character via request basket and delete the alt. This is probably the most reliable way to get coin in the game right now, short of selling some end-game forging. You will get enough coin from one alt to buy a fancy gem hammer and return to mining. This coin comes out of thin air so it’s better than crafting and selling anything. Sell nothing. Horde everything. One of your alts will need it someday.

That’s your core loop. Mine as effectively as possible and invest in your coils. Print some money for a hammer and repeat. You can set up workbenches, fill them with rocks, and use mass craft to level up all your alts without spending more than a few minutes playing them.