Economy Ups and Downs


Maybe, but I don’t think that would be an unreasonable thing in a MMO sandbox style game. Just a different design choice.


it is when u consider that it adds another barrier to spontanous trade


I honestly think they just need to spread out the coin generation. You have probably about 20 players generating 95% of the coin from footfall.

If they need to increase circulation… they should probably make footfall 10x-20x higher, but make the cooldown 10x-20x longer. That way you have more people with more money, while keeping the same total coin the same in the game.

The alternative is to continue course and just let the value of the coin continue to increase. Those of us with a massive stockpile of coin will be able to buy much more, but it likely screws the new players, or those who invested in commodity resources instead.


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I don’t think spontaneous trade is really a factor when people live as far apart as they do. I’m not saying to get rid of coin, but I have never just run into someone and traded with them. It’s either been a planned meeting or a shop stand/buy basket. In a game where most transactions are able to be planned for, I wouldn’t be too worried about unplanned ones.


I would think what he means is you see something on a stand and can buy it right then and there if you have the coin. If it is barter, you need to find someone in game that wants to trade for what you want. It takes more arranging and planning for barter than just going to a store.

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shops are all about spontaneous trade
what would the shop owner say, that are providing near some hub exit about people passing by and not having money to gather more material?


What? Shops are the exact opposite of spontaneous trade. Shops are quite literally designed as directed trade. There is no spontaneity in it all. Spontaneous trade would be more akin to someone in a chat channel coming and saying they have x or y to trade and someone happening to be in the same area looking what they’re trading for.

If people are going to shops, they are by and large there for a specific thing/reason. That is not spontaneous. By definition.


I’m not exactly sure what you are asking here. We are talking about oort-as-money vs. coin, right? In that case, the shop-keep would say the same thing as he does now “Thanks for the footfall.”


Shops are not the only thing to build in the game. You are limited by your imagination but many seem trapped into this chasing imaginary wealth. Why? Here’s a thought. A certain MMO had a bazaar system where your for sale goods stored in a personal pouch that was not your inventory, you placed a price and an icon showed above your head. Others could examine you to view your wares… Problem solved. This would lead to more interesting builds as the game is then no longer a store manager simulator.


so u dont pass a shop and think that u can take this or that with u, as long as the price is that low? It would bother me to always go back to my base and get some money, remembering the shop i was and it would bother me to always take enough “money” with me cause of filling inventory.

@Creegle Theres just less interest then in visiting places of people and less interest in having people visiting ur place
u dont have to open a shop in this game lol… its far from a shop simulator.


Unless you get reverse footfall for visiting other builds :laughing:


You took the words right out of my mouth. Thats easy. The people exploring get the footfall coin. Not the ones being explored. Just a thought to support my suggestion.


I feel this was missed in the discussion @JohnDeW as I feel the same. That rarity creates cost and event items, event planets or just rarer block types would create some economic activity.


I dunno, man. I think in that world you’d just have to suck it up. Wouldn’t it be lazy to not inventory manage to make sure you had enough money on you? Sounds like a you problem, system would be fine.


No. Not once ever have I done that. Just like in the real world, I treat shopping in game the same. I go to a shop with a specific purpose in mind. I don’t mind paying a higher price at a shop that I know will have guaranteed stock. I’m not a cheap/thrifty person. Buy it once, keep it for life kind of person. That doesn’t directly translate in to Boundless economy but the process is the same. I shop where I know I’ll find what I need.

If word of mouth gets to me there is a similar shop that is reliable but has cheaper prices then of course I’d change my locale but the spontaneous thing in that regard is a post made or shout made in game.


so u never did spontaneous trade in ur life, but u get agitated when i say that shop stands are all about spontaneous trade >.< look we just mean different things with spontaneous trade. u tell me something about ur purpose and about how u use the economy… but i mean with spontanous trade just trade that can happen within an instant without u waiting for the other side, without preparation, without u searching for a buyer or seller. A deal that happens out of opportunity. it can be purposeful on both sides, and well considered, but are u denying that having money as inventory item would add a barrier to this kind of trade?


Yes. Just keep your money on you. Why is that so hard? Why are you too lazy to manage your inventory better?


Hey man I just want to clarify I’m not agitated, irritated, frustrated, angry, or anything. When it comes to online rhetoric I do my best to expressly say when I’m upset/pissy so that there is no confusion as conversing online can easily get misinterpreted due to the way people read words in their head and don’t have a face and voice to associate the conversation with.


because i dont have to right now. i dont see how smart stacks of money are an improvement to my life