Elvira's Gleambow Emporium Open

Located next to US East Guardian Biitula.
The Emporium currently has gleambow gleam, mold, glass stocked. More coming soon. Store will stock items not able to be sprayed.

Prices are based on rarity.

No portals will be opened.

Lets parrrrty!


Just added huge haul of gleam and lowered prices a bit. See anything you like maybe we can work a deal out.

Fire sale before rental planets diminish the value of coloured items?

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Love the Elvira; she’s super cute!

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Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard you could only choose permanent colors?

Can also let it be random which has a chance for new colors… then once a random with new colors is final those colors become available for others to choose… so over time, in theory, all colors would be available.