Epilepsy and Gleambow Racing

I have epilepsy so i can not do the rainbow the color that flashes on the hunt made me have a sezer i want to do the hunt but can not can someone help me out please thank you im 51 I’ve been gaming my hole life and love it im still at it and boundless is my #1 game i play and stream it to at sirdadsirson twitch i do get sick and some times i can’t play but mostly i do play and help out all.


Hiya, not sure how we can help? But I also noticed that the rainbow animation is a bit ‘too fast’ in the rainbow items for me as well, maybe someone from Wonderstruck can have a look at that, maybe slow the animation down or add an option to maybe deactivate it? Not sure who to tag here for that? @james

Maybe this should also go into the support section?


Not rly helping currently but guess if they would add this it would help?

Also to add… Nvidia has/had some sort of Colorblind mode that you could adjust.
Nvidia freestyle i guess the name is

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Not sure the colour blind mode would help. It’s about the rapid colour change and/or flashing or a frequent change of colour patterns that can cause the seizures, colour blind mode would just do the same but with different colours, I presume? So not sure that would help. But it’s a start. :slight_smile: thank you!

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I mean im no expert but you could just adjust it so you dont see colors so bright ?

As i guess the brightness and blinking is the worse thing in this case?

I’m no specialist but i’d say that’s the problem: Blinking and fast moving patterns. I’m not really affected, I only had one seizure in my life in a disco from light flashes, but to give you an example: if I look at the event overview info news where it shows the items (specs, trophy,etc) the rapid movement of the rainbow pattern makes me feel a bit queasy, more so because there is not just one but multiple items with that rapid moving pattern next to each other. In no way comparable to a seizure, but I kinda feel where sirdad is coming from. So colourblind mode probably won’t do the trick. But I can see if I actually can test the nvidia option later to check what it does.

If it flashing it will not work for the ones that have epilepsy the flashing is what the problem is we can not have something flashing lights or colers if it flashing we are f if u no what i mean

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Possibly the devs can add a stop animation option for static objects in the settings?


Do other games offer options that help?

If so, could you point me at some games that you think deliver the ideal options / support for your condition? Thanks.


I’ve only seen games with warnings. But being more accessible would be great!

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Some add a stop animation option for static objects in the settings and alot just say do not play are game

this can help little
for what i read as long as there are flashes you cant go gleambow hunting
found some software to help you guys test the game on this



I have question for you, how do you handle speed mining ? Watching the hammer going super quick gives me the effect of blinking and my eyes get tired pretty quick from this.

Thank you for helping them out cuse i love this game have from day 1 best game i have ever played cuse a lot of games i can’t play do to epilepsy and a lot of them do not do nouthing about it thay just email me and tell me to stop playing there games cuse thay are not going to change it

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so this gleambow event is your first and only issue atm?
been googling and reading lot off studies been done
but not much solutions out there
beside the test software
adapting a game for epilepsy is problem cuase cost is probably much higher then demand
a software overlay to counteract on the problem seems better solution to me
but i cant find anything out there

but if gleambow is currently your only problem the devs def can check if there stuff is high risk with the software and tone it down maybe

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Outhere people and friends in game help me out alot abd there is no flashing lights when u mine

Yes i never whent on one but had to try it out but did not no it flashing like that

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what about the led blocks did you encouter those yet

I try them but can’t use them in less i have them not blinking

Very cool!