Error in Features List?

Hey guys,

Sorry if this is wrong category, wasn’t sure where to put this. I was reading through the updated feature list on the main page and noticed this:

Now did I fall asleep in grammar class…or is this not right? :sweat_smile:


Good spot! We’ll get this corrected.

Grammar Nazi…at your service. :laughing:

I think another one under economy:

Shouldn’t that be “your wealth will”?

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Indeed it should be! Thanks, it’s now been fixed.

It’s a pleasure.

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Clearly you havnth been taugh how th speak englisth properthly.


We were just SOOO excited to tell you about the features! And and and another thing!

(Thanks for pointing it out.)


I don’t know about you, but I do like the way Chris Eubank talks.

I’m sorry but I have no idea who that is xD

I was just referring to the post @lucadeltodecso made. Chris Eubank is a former professional boxer who speaks with a lisp.

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Hey, @vdragon, I also noticed some Oort Online references on the official wiki:


I believe anyone with an account on that wiki can make the changes (unless @ben himself wants to change it).

We don’t (and are technically not allowed to) update the wiki. We’re relying on you guys to keep it up to date…!