Error startup (Solved)

Trying play boundless on my old pc who used to be able to play it but now I get error failed to create graphic device ensure you are running on D3D11 10.1 compatible hardware any clues all drivers are up to date it has Nvidia GeForce 9100 GT i Def used it in past to play for atleast a year

The GPU is too old for Boundless unfortunately.

in the past, boundless only required a 10.0 featureset level from DirectX, but this was upped to 10.1 around November last year. (Note: boundless has “always” specified dx11 as a minimum spec with minimum-reference gpu as a Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 / AMD Radeon R7 250 which is quite a few generations (5 years) ahead of what you have here).

Your GPU here “supports” DX11.1, meaning it can expose an interface to that driver level, but only has a feature-level of 10.0 which is now too old.


Dang no boundless on my arcade cabinet then lol I log in on another newer pc thx for reply so I don’t waste my time with this pc