Esc to close inventory

I keep finding myself hitting escape to try and close the inventory, rather than e.

What do you guys think about implementing that? I think it’d feel more natural for folk.

E.g. esc with inventory up closes inventory, esc w/o inventory up opens menu


I do that everytime xD

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Me too! It always takes me like a min to close the inventory cause I forget what button to push

Normally I have the inventory on F so I press esc a few times until I think: “oh right, it’s Oort… So… which button was it again? xD” After pressing several keys I finally find it and know it until I log back in again xD

I usually have my inventory key set to TAB in games :tired_face:

Yeah this would be good!

Yup. Me too

I kinda figured this kind of thing would come when a more streamlined gui was designed and released, so I’ve never asked about it. Esc to close what ever menu you have up would be excellent to have. +1