Espeon's Early Bird Draw (Updated)


My wife Espeon is holding a special lottery event at her base, only 100 tickets are available so get your ticket while they are available.

You can find the ticket sales vendor at her portal hub via:
Sasquatchville (look for Dreamer’s Headquarters)
Phem PS Hub ( look for Dreamer’s Dreams)

1 token per player, so no alts please
Tokens are 50coins each

Grand Prize is 100K
2nd Place is 50K
3rd Place is 1K

Drawing will be on June 22. Good Luck.0


Not sure if your connected to Dreamer in anyway but I run the NWO guild next to his plots! Would love to get in touch with him/her to see if they were interested in joining us!


Espeon and Dreamer are the same person.


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Why is this post being flagged???


I would guess because people assume Espeon is ALDVampr (even though the OP literally says otherwise) and that because someone else said there Espeon, everyone is flagging.


Lol, Twilightsparkles is my wife


but who is espeon and why is he bothering dreamer?
are the tokens numbered our like portals to a price room?
i really love these lottery’s and wonna learn how people do it
so i can do some myself :+1:


Not done the same way Sasquatchville lottery, this is my Wife’s first attempt at a lottery lol. Dreamer is my wife’s alt character. In game I’m SkyUmbreon.


She has a randomizer app that’ll draw 3 random numbers between 1-100, those draws will be the winners.


i like it nice and simple
just the token making seems a shore lol