Etiquette for Sov Worlds

Discussion the other day on the Boundless discord has had me running over sov placid lush worlds I frequent for gathering flowers, basic boulders, and grass etc, trying to locate owners. Some I’ve found, some I haven’t. So, if you have a sovereign placid lush world - the only ones I’m not terrified to be on, I am making this post to formally ask permission to gather on your worlds.


I didn’t see the convo, but…if they don’t want people on them, then they should lock them down or make it so that visitors can only visit (not harvest).


If they are set to public access I would say the owner knows what you will be doing.


And of course my black and blue T1 farms are open for whatever you need.


I use all three of your black and blue worlds a lot, that’s why I have the portal there :slight_smile: Have been gathering most recently for a new Halloween build


Stupid question here, placid was just Tier 1 right?



It goes placid T1, temperate T2, rugged T3 etc.


Thank You for the clarification! I never work with the words for the tiers of planets :sweat_smile:


I spent an hour foraging on your t1 black and blue tonight :grin:


I don’t have any T1s up at the moment, but I’m truly HAPPY when I see people using the rentals I put up - that’s why I keep them going! :slight_smile: And like others said, you need to purposefully open them up to other players, so if they’re open to collecting that is the owner’s permission. I’ll actually duck out of my own areas if I go through a portal and see another person using them, or if someone comes in while I’m there, since I worry they might think I want that area to myself right then, I don’t want to scare them off. :joy:


I’d been operating on the theory that owners had chosen to open up for gathering, but having considered the argument put forth on sov perms in the discord, I thought I’d just ask where I could. One of your worlds I will duck into and mine because I feel safe (ish) in there, but I never go too far from the portals so I can bravely run away if I ever see a red dot :slight_smile:


What was the opinion on it?

that people put in money to choose the colours they want, and might consider locking a sov would because others come in and destroy blocks around builds. Made me think about asking permission to gather. because communication is always best where possible :slight_smile:


I don’t see a problem with people coming and harvesting on my planet. If I haven’t plotted the area it is fair game for harvesting. Nothing plotted can be harmed and everything else can will regenerate either naturally or with a regen bomb. So feel free to come and mine, log, etc. on Destari.


Yeah I mean. Someone comes in and builds a moat around my plotted land is easily resolved with a couple Regen bombs. So. If someone wants to do some daisy dancing and harvesting I’m all for it. The griefing is easily resolved.


Gotcha, thanks for explaining. I’m with the “just use a regen bomb” people, but I can get why people would think otherwise. Thanks!


I’ve always used regen bombs for trees or rocks, but flowers don’t come back with the bombs, so I always try to find flower fields away from builds.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello, it had again today, port on my Planet, run out of plot first in a deep hole, thanks to the Visitor who has used no regen bomb, if its too much, just close the Sovereign Planet for a while.

FYI: Flowers do come back too! You just have to use two regen bombs :wink: The first restores the blocks, the second the flowers.

edit: That is if you harvest them like I do by breaking the soil bellow them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: