Event banner suggestion


DEVS! I have a killer idea for these events! Ever thought about doing what World of Warcraft does and create WEEKLY BANNERS where X event triggers every week and THAT thing is buffed or only available during that week, WoW does it and its really awesome for keeping things interesting, for event ideas, just ask, I could easily see you having a recurring 3month schedule of different things going in cycle so that it wont get boring.

The idea is, I dont want the Gleambow Racing(one example) event to be the last we see of such thing for an entire year, I want more opportunities to hunt down these elusive colors, and putting this in a 3 month rotation would be good for game longevity.


What ideas do you have??


BLOOD MOON, Things are scary under the light of the red moon, monsters empowered, drops rare crafting goods more, but the work to get them down is more as well.
GLEAMBOW, only a week long, make it count
MINERS BOON, enhanced drop chances, as well as random drops of unusual crafting materials during the timeframe,
HUNTERS BOON, added benefits to hunting, chance to acquire special oortstones
FORAGERS BOON, Added benefits for foraging, chance to acquire motes from plants to use for interesting creations,
GATHERERS BOON, Added benefits for gathering(like dismantling trees and near surface farming of dirt), chance to get special bonding agents increased.
ECCENTRIC LIGHT, Creatures behave oddly, killing them makes them drop ethereal items for a new class of gear, but be warned, your hits might not hit their target as they will pass in and out of the dimension.

Part of this reminds me of Heroes of Might and Magic where every week a benefit is chosen and that particular unity type gets double production on dwellings, so something like this could be useful
Basically create 12 unique banner events and place them on rotation, I would have more ideas as time goes on.


Well most of those are kinda in guild buffs alrdy.


yes but those encompass specifics, these encompass a broader utilization, especially for those not in guilds, just shooting ideas really.


This is a good idea - every week there is random stuff - makes it exciting and looking forward to the event as well.