Events and goals


I was just wondering if our dev friends were thinking about introducing community goals for specific things.

Maybe this will help the community grow? Through collaboration or creativity.

Random examples:

Devs Make up lore to begin needing supplies for the home planet we come from. We have to mine so many gems, gather so many orbs, manufactured items, or metals. Then deliver them to a point and make coin from turning in, then something down the line gets developed.

Like an introduction to new items, machines, and gear before they get implemented? To gen hype and get people to work together. It will also generate coin for players. Like they release new content only when x had been accomplished.

Other ideas are:

community defeats x number of meteors on certain teir planets.

Delivered so many items to the guy in the sanctum so he feels more alive and interactible. To have the home planet deliver new gear or tech.

Create a creature rampage on tier 7 planets and we have to defeat swarms of cuttles or hoofstock to calm the herds and something special happens.

Just ideas throwing out there. I think this will help grow the game. It will help those that get bored easily if they have a goal to work towards.

Edit: you could also have levels of events. 2 or 3 things at a time. One for new comers to make coin, like collection missions. And another for hunting. Or whatever it needs to be.


Ah, the good ol’ days of the creature swarm bug on Serpensarindi… Like the gates of hell had opened and we had to do calls on ultima city to get backup going lol. Was a crazy time.


I’ve seen other games give out rewards game wide based on a goal set for the community. I’m all for something like that. Bring on the events!


I loved that too, hope they implement something like it some day!