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I had this idea for an events hub, I have heard there was an events hub on Storis II … and I suppose someone can chime in here about it, but I was thinking of creating an events hub so that we can post ongoing events like hunts. While I know there isn’t a huge need for it since a lot of events aren’t going on, but it would be great to have one place I can go check to see what events are going on.

Of course, ideally, it would be best to just post recurring events like daily and weekly hunts…but I suppose it could be anything.

Suggestions? Ideas? Anyone even interested in this?

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I like it
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What I think would be nice, but am absolutely too lazy to even try to do, is a hub that portals up to all the past and present events. Like all of @DKPuncherello’s creative events (tree, pixel, pride, etc), the TNT statue contest, dodge bomb/Foom arenas, mazes… that kind of thing.

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Good idea… *writes ideas down

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