Ever wondered why your grapple (might) let go?

Well i sure know the issue when hanging on the ceiling, trying to chisel something high up and then comes the moment i need to switch chisel.

I use the wheel on playstation (not shortclick to change items in both hands, but long click and choose what tool i want for one single hand) and then, it happens. My grapple lets go and i fall down and possibly die.

I thought already its random. Maybe something in game that needs rework? I just accepted it happens.

Well till now. Theres a simple behavior mistake that i did all along and maybe you recognize yourself doing that too? Cant be only me.

You want to reach a spot while being in height and stretch out and strain your grapple into an angle and then you activate the wheel. No. Don’t do that. If you let go and hang loose straight down, and THEN use the wheel to change your tool, your grapple wont let go anymore.

Probably no special tip. But its the little things that can change the gameplay and help a lot. Happy chiseling/grappling! :blush: