Exo exclusive colours

Okay, so maybe it’s just me, but I have trouble remembering which colours are available on permanent planets and which are exo exclusive/gleambow exclusive etc.

Perhaps in the description where it lists colour there could be some indication of whether it is an exclusive colour (not found on perm planets)

I often sell stuff without realising it’s exo (a friend recently pointed out that I’d labelled one of my deco ice stands as exo when in reality they were almost all exo exclusive colours and I didn’t even know!!)

Maybe I just need better storage and organisation… but I really don’t know how you guys all keep track! :sob: I mean I do sometimes check the colour sheets and other info but more often than not I’m too lazy or don’t have time to do that

Is it just me? :laughing:


That’s a good idea, maybe a note on it saying something like “not from this universe…”

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@Gorillastomp has a list that should help you keep track.

Is this still up to date? @EmorgAly

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: though I do have most of the resources bookmarked and do use them. I would like it better if these were available in game, a spreadsheet where you could search the colour and find out easily if it is exclusive or permanent in the knowledge tab.

I barely get time to play as it is :sob: I don’t always have time to look through spreadsheets and cross reference everything

I just think colours are super important in this game with how creative it is and build focussed. It just seems it should be easier to know

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Something in game would be super helpful. Like an icon beside the base item in game. Probably would be hard to maintain as more permanent worlds are added later on down the line though


Yeah I think it would be helpful if objects were marked if they got their color from an exo exclusive item or gleambow exclusive item. I was thinking of posting this :slight_smile:
Like an X in the corner of the icon if it’s exo, or a g for gleambow.