Exo Hunt [T7]

Exo Hunt

Time: 2021-03-21T14:00:00Z your time.

World: Arcturoon T7 Blink
Protection: 5 level volatile

Hunt leader: Narik

Meeting point: The Forgers Avenue, accesible through TNT MEGAHUB, Gyosha mall, DK mall, PS Biitula, The Future, The Fantasy Tree, Trystan, Pancakes place, Rivebois and Blue moon.

This is an independent hunt and everybody is welcome, please contact me if any doubt.


count on me, that in your last hunt it was a lot of fun

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Nice, blink I’ll go on.

For the damage resistance challenged, what would the best colors of gem bow be? It always takes me an inordinate amount of time to decipher the charts when it comes to exos.

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Rift would be ideal. I think emerald with some range would be fine too.

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I guess it’s about time I try out a lucent bow…

Edit: just remembered a different obligation, so I’ll have to dive into the lucents another time :frowning:

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I’ll Try to make it :smiley:

A lucent slingbow would be ok

The hunt will be starting in 1.5 hours.

Exohunt in 15 minutes

thnx for the hunt, went really well! Although I died a whole lot!

Thanks to anyone who revived me over and over too! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you all for coming. It was one of the funniest hunts ever!

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Really had a blast. Looking forward to next time :fire::100:

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