Exo item prices?


Just curious what people are pricing their farmed items from the exo planets? I tend to price higher on a whim. I got rough blink yesterday and have them for sale for 125k each lol. Not realistic I know, it’s a premium if you want one for your atlas. Then I thought, that’s kind of rude. Then I have blocks and gleam etc. It’s rare so it wont be the same but like that gleambow event people selling block for 5k+ raw so idk wth people price at and what’s actually fair. Just looking for ball park of course. Stone raw and refined, gleam raw and refined etc.


These are my thoughts, no hard data here:
The ore is a tuffy. We will have options to get more in the future. I suspect something like 3 week cycles. However, I suspect that the full timers and major guilds will monopolize probably 50-75% of it. I suspect that most will become deco blocks for prestige and beauty. If forging is a near impossibility, then i doubt we will see many tools although perhaps a few bows. Never the less, not much non block crafting. Forging will be expensive either way and i think weve seen that there isnt nearly as much market for max forged gear as mid forged. So i kinda suspect that it wont be happening much. I would put the long term price at 300 and the short term at 500-1000. It would be more if you didnt need so much of it to do anything. As to gathered stuff and gleam, it should be less than gleambow prices. If gleambow gleam went for 2-5k i would expect this stuff at maybe just 5x normal prices. Remember, it can be regenerated.

Thats my guess…

If anybody wants to pay 1000c per gleam let me know and ill go get you stacks of it. Very very happily


do you mean rift? or did you find blink somewhere?


i got rift/umbris/blink from meteor just now so it’s possible.


Max forged gear might be good once the T8 worlds come out.


I mean there’s this:


Yeah, a lot of the prices have stabilized a bit more. We’ll see what happens with it.


Quick scan on TNT superstore only 777c for rift cheapest in the universe!

Also got compact and refined and deco rift as well as the new Oort blocks hopefully setting some good pricing


I sold about 40 rough rift for 756 each yesterday and it went very fast so I probably could have priced higher, but I’m pretty happy. The trip definitely paid for itself a few times over.


I put a bunch of vandar stones and gravel and sand out for 3c and announced it, some rough rift for 1k to load an atlas.

No takers for either item so far. If someone wants to make me an offer on the lot of it I’ll sell it cheap. ~28k stones and a few hundred each of sand and gravel.

Spent about 15 - 18k on travel (not sure if I made 5 or 6 trips) and used up 1.5 forged hammers, about 9 pies, and roughly 15 strength/fast brews. Mostly strength I do prefer to 1 hit the rock out of the way.

All the rest of the loot is just normal stuff. Mining was OK the resource balance is weird but it would have been no problem to ROI without selling the rift. I managed about 400 rough rift and except a few samples none of it will ever see the market.

Saw plenty of baskets and offers for 500c or more so no problem to say “Theoretical” returns were well over 250k for the day. I should sell these rocks for 1c it would pay for the travel and the buff costs at least.

I’m changing my stand price to 1c if you come buy all this I’ll give it to you for 20k. 28059 rock, 511 sand, and 222 gravel.


it’s blink. its in my shop still and on your website


Can you share where you find it?