Exo tracker outside of discord?

Is this possible?

Are any of the talented people playing this game willing to look at this if it is possible?

I guess I’m paranoid about services like discord and what they do with my data!

Other then discord and forums I’m not aware of any Exo tracker. Though standing in sanctum will show if there is an exo available in the sky.

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If they ever add a publicly accessible API, I will gladly add it to the Boundless Crafting website!


Wow…U better turn off your internet if your worried about discord tracking you…you are being tracked just logging into your internet provider.and tracked on every web page and every movement and unless u are a serious computer nerd. U have no say in it…


You can limit the amount of people accessing that information though, which might be what he’s getting at? Your digital footprint is only as big as you expand it. But yea, in this day and age if you have a smart phone or a smart device of any kind and you say a keyword, you’re going to start seeing adverts 24-48hrs later based on those conversations. (we just had this happen recently with a new tv and the first time we’ve ever talked about a topic and then started seeing ads for a specific product for the first time ever) Pretty crazy.

Yeap I wish we saw real laws about our privacy…I am same as everyone on this planet that hate being intruded

Your data? If you don’t give them access to anything other than the program’s files they can’t access anything at all. Then the rest of the ‘data’ it sees is anything you feed it which could be nothing at all if you wanted to!

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This page is very rarely not updated within an hour of an exo planet dropping, and if it’s not, someone else usually posts it on this forum.


With the sheer amount of other ways your data can be collected for marketing and reselling purposes. Discord is of least concern to me.

If that is the only reason you refuse to use discord. That is a moderately bad reason in my book.

If you have a mobile Telephone you can install it on that, Your mobile telephone is already a cesspool of data collection on you.