Exotic Earthyam seeds bugged in the Atlas?


I Think the Exotic Earthyam could have an issue when placed in the Atlas. Reason is, I first placed a seed in and did not find a single plant over 10 regions. Then I stumble on a plant not, visible in the Atlas. I used the Erthyam I found and replaced the seed. Now I saw 15 dots on the map. I Went back and gathered a few. Unfortunatly, after harvesting a spineback plant, the rest of the dots disappeared from my atlas.


The only permanent planet that spawns the Exotic Earthyam Bulbs is Circaporous. So the Bulb will only show the exotic earthyam tubers on that planet or T4 Lush exos. Raw Exotic Earthyams can still be found in several plants, including the spineback, across many planets.

This might be why your atlas wasn’t working at times.


Other seeds shows the plants in the Atlas. I was on Circaporous. And the other dots should not disapare all at once. Still have a feeling that its a bugg with Atlas and exotic earthyam.


Secounds before this I had about 10 blue dots on the globe.

Do crop despawn?
Is it possible to use a bot/hack to farm?
Is the atlas broken for exoticearthyam?


Same as the video in the second post here?


Put in the actual earthyam not the bulb.

There may just be other people searching like you. If you find a plant that doesnt show up on the atlas then it might be a bug.

EDIT: Just saw the video. My apologies I wasn’t aware of that. Interesting bug.


Yes,exactly this.
hmm I did not find this thread earlier.
I’m happy someone managed to record it.


I think the devs made it do that on purpose to make it so one person cant wipe out the whole planet i can get around 22 seeds before it disappears


I agree, it’s been a bug in game since a few days after Farming went live. Never saw a post where they stated it was going to be fixed. Intentional bug is my assumption.


I agree I put the seed into the atlas…none to be seen…so I went the krunut and as I am running around I found several patches of exotic bulbs…


It’s on the list.


Yep I read that. Still stand by what I wrote.