Exp. Farming

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Whats in ur opinion the fastest most efficient way to lvl to 50? Atm im just grinding resources and crafting alot while boosted with learning loaf


Mass crafting rock with teaching pie, mining with good tools and teaching pie.

If you wanna explore, you can explore worlds for some easy starting exp. Important to note, that discovering regions give more exp for every location you discover, so later locations will give quite a bit of exp. Just generally, always have teaching pie buff on for anything you do and you will pile up the exp.


Fastest way is to find something you enjoy doing in the game, such as building, and do that.


Awesome my goal is huge builds. But i need waaaàaaaay more plots lol


Ive been doing contracts to get nice equip to grind alot fast. They can take half what i get thats cool as long as i get all the xp lol


Then mining on high tier worlds with teaching pie is your best bet for experience, however you need decent stats to mine ther efficiently, and if you take contracts, they may want you to use persisting pie to extend the usage of tools.

But at least you get a lot of rock out of it, which you can masscraft for decent exp!


Right thats my focus is the crafting after. I mindwiped my guy at lvl 19 and lvled agility dexterity and luck. Along with my caustic thing once so i can go to tnt portals


Ill look into higher tier planets i still have like 20 skill points left ill use them as needed to go to higher tiers


When I get home later today EU time I can give you some advice on a mining build. I’ve spent a lot of my time mining, sitting at like level 970 now. Just pm me if I forget.


Thanks quimby will do


My discord is studmuffinwolf #2961


Anyone add me and lets chat!


Feel free to join the TNT discord, I’m sure we could throw some contracts at you too.


Joined my dude