Expanding permissions


It seems that permissions will be a bit more nuanced with guilds, but I can’t quite work out how far they will go.

I any case, will permissions be expanded upon outwith guilds at any point?

My reason behind asking is I would like to set up shops that only low level players can access.

Eg a store selling the basics cheaply for lvl 20 and under players, this could be done by setting level permissions on the shop stand for example.

I would also like autoclosing doors, that specific permissions could be given to. Same idea, the door closes after 2 seconds and only level 10 and under can open it. Or I can allow friends to open doors without giving access to anything else.

These could be combined with AND/OR/NOT as well, eg you can only open this door if you are below level 10 AND a guild member, or you can buy from this shop stand if you are a friend OR a guild member, etc.

Could be expanded to all interactive blocks, storage, machines, etc, even portals!

Another example, in one of my beacons I would like to set up storage where myself and friend 1 can access and in the same beacon a storage where myself and friend 2 can access, but friend 1 and friend 2 cannot access the opposing storage.

I have no idea on the complexities or coding this, but I think it would bring a significant QoL improvement, adding layers of subtly to permissions, which at the moment seems like a bit of a blunt instrument!