Expired Homes Should store items


James told me this. There is prob also a reason that that is happening to you. So perhaps ask James?


Perhaps many reasons but one is what I stated. I don’t make up ■■■■ lol.


So the way he worded it here is the duration of the gleam club. I can’t find the conversation about the players. Maybe I miss understood somewhere or it was a particular way.


Can sanctum ever be that safe place to store important items? Limited storage, of course. But, is that a plausible solution, do you think? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


I love Boundless. Thanks to @cagian I have gleam club to tide me if I take a break. But, if ( this really is just my own feeling on this) I can’t have gleam club and my beacons were to expire then, yes, I’d be pretty disheartened, but I adore this game and I’d bust my hump to get started again. I don’t actively hunt for beacons ready to expire, but if I happen across one that has, then I take full advantage. I am currently keeping someone’s beacon fuelled, and have been for months now. They said that they might be off for a long time and reckoned they’d lose their base. I said give me permissions. Viola! Just ask. Someone will help. With anything, virtually! :smiley:


I doubt it. Sanctum does not reside on the servers but in the local pc. That makes it subject to hacking where players could give themselves whatever they wanted. Since sanctum already has access to an editor and a tool to give anything, I think this is dangerous.


That is a pity. Thanks for replying, though. :slightly_smiling_face:


would you have placed your items in the special storage before coming back after a month ?
if the game puts all my items in special storage when my beacons die i would use that rather then move all my stuff to be honest

if special storage would be a thing i see people building half builds all over non stop and leave all the time giving us the mess we had in beta with half year fuel

if people who lost there stuff would be honest i bet they would not do it
this thing people proposing is way more complicated and has consequences that really need to be thought about before doing this
atm if you plan your absence i see alot off option to keep your stuff


that could be fixed by putting a timer on the storage someting like "your items are being sent to the void please wait x hours to retrieve them if you are takeing a break then the timer wont really be a bother

right now the current options are 1. flushing your money down the toilet 2. plan your life around a video game or 3. trust that someone you gave perms too won’t rob you blind or just decide not to refuel


What about people coming with there reclaimed items plot in towns and leave again :confused:also inventory has slots to keep stuff with a few alts that’s a lot off items /converting items to coins/ow our logging in every 16weeks to tell the game you still playing it I think the solution for these people are maybe private servers and hoping someone that devotes his life to the game keeps them running I still see the game as a survivalgame fueling beacons is part off it I’m also thinking that we sell less GC with this option added etc etc


I’ve put some hours into this game. If all my stuff were to up and dissapear I would delete the game and never come back - no question, no 2nd chances. Plenty of other games that don’t yank my chain.

The fix suggested here seems like a real no-brainer and all around winner - have a database that stores all the blocks that were in a player’s beacon area when that beacon times out, immediately wipe the area (rather than re-genning it slowly - to prevent dupes), then let them claim any/all of those stored blocks with some sort of interface.

I think there’s maybe one or three guys in this thread who simply hate the idea. Mor hardcore. In a f-ing minecraft MMO? Rlly? Hardcore has it’s place, which is generally a heavily modded private server, or small indie game that never makes money.


Yeah just find a base that is expiring the circle off life :slightly_smiling_face:


I played the game when nothing expired it was horrible the fueling off beacons prevents places being flooded with ghostbases if it is that easy to rebuild ya base the game would be mess every time someone feels like playing just a week he can leave behind a half build base for 3 months :slightly_frowning_face: plus logging in for 5minutes every 3 months is crazy hardcore :crazy_face:


it is tho when i turn off a game that should be it i can walk away and have it out of my mind 100% of MMO’s allow this but boundless force’s you to constantly think about it and keep track of even the most basic things (how long do i need to wait for x crafting thing, how long do i got left on my portals/beacons)

and that’s fine my self i like survival games i got 60HR’s in rust, 170 in 7D2D and over 200 in dayz the thing is tho every “survival” game i can think of is SP/MP with the player being able to control that aspect be it mods or Save Scumming i just dont think it works in a MMO environment where 1 min of forgetting or something IRL happening completely undo’s months worth of work

the gamble here would be a trade off less GC sales for higher player numbers = better chance at vanity GC sales or buying of cubits

but to be perfectly honest the thing is the people who are buying GC right now are more then likely doing it more for the convenience factor then anything and have the money to spend on it but not everyone can afford to just drop 5$ a month to pay a dev to store 20kb of data it was a bit of a hard sale for me even when i was playing the game let alone after i quit

if the build still went bye bye but you are able to recover anything i honestly don’t see GC sales being effected at all cuz 9/10 of the people who have it dont really give a #@! about the price and just have it to protect the build its self more then the stuff stored


Less than a meal at pretty much any fast food place. Also way less than a pack of cigarettes. Yet there seems not to be a shortage on how many people smoke those nasty things.

Tho do take that comment as me against or for the topic at hand. I really couldn’t care less about it.


I think the point is being missed. You said it yourself, “ IF ALL MY STUFF WERE TO UP AND DISAPPEAR”

Yet this doesn’t happen. It happens due to your drive not to be active in the game, due to many reasons ( like not that interested anymore, work, family, exc…)and lack of responsibility. I am for a try at your way though. Whatever is fair and will pull more players to this game. I think no matter what a troll will be a troll. Sometimes it’s just kids being kids. Mob and you have good points. I think they both cancel each other out though. The thrill of beacon hunting is awesome though. We would have to evaluate how many are leaving due to this though. We would have to weigh it against it how many enjoy it. After all this is a big factor for a lot of players positively I know including myself. It’s not hard to keep your beacon if you play the game. There are some rare cases ( like military leave ) where I can see this may be a issue but being in a guild and having a friend that plays can easily fuel the beacon for another 4 months in 2seconds. I do it for a lot of players actually. Sometimes I fuel it only to have them never return after months of me trying to get ahold of them. How long does the game need to store items for these people? You don’t think it’s cool to recycle the lost mats back into the community? To discover eroding builds throughout the planets. It’s just like thrill of exos. This entire game is built for the excitement of discovery. Discovering dead beacons are a part of this. A huge part for me. I always have to state this because I think it holds value. I am a PS4 preweek player. I’ve never left. I’ve pretty much played everyday since launch. I may have over 10k hours in this game. I have over 115 beacons easily. When I am done I’ll broadcast my deplotting in the forums a month prior. If I do leave that is. I’ve taken at least 300 dead beacons from small to huge. I don’t think any of these people were coming back. Yes this is just a assumption. But the fall off rate may be due to other reasons, not will I be able to come back, oh I can’t, well I’ll just leave now. Several months ago if I set out I could find 5 dead beacons a day! That is the time I call the dark ages. Lol. I just think this game is not as important to a lot of people. It mostly holds appeal to adults like myself and not kids. Anyway im all for change, I just would want to know if what you are proposing would change anything. Perhaps even make people not care about what happens to their build because they know they will get the mats back. Keep in mind , to a game like this that requires grinding, once you lose the person attention it’s good reason knowing how addictive it was that you will not come back. This is how the mind works. I really would not be hurt about it. I’ve lost my house, storage and personal stuff due to lack of money in real life. I’ve lost my wife due to her lack of responsibility and government corruption. It has made me more resilient to negative emotions and made me more of a critical thinker. Especially to things such as will I log off and forget my beacons IF I enjoy PLAYING this game. Anyway my rant is done lol. Thanks for reading Xira. :slight_smile:


Does ANYONE here know about auto fuel and stacking beacon fuel? LOL I’m so confused why it’s so hard to fuel your beacon. I haven’t seen anyone bring this up. I’m convinced no one even knows about it lol.


I think this post shows a profound lack of empathy, which is a significant part of the problem. Someone else having a loss should not be an opportunity to judge them, or be your gain. Rather than propose a solution to the problem at hand (player loss because of a bad game mechanism) you demean their priorities by saying they lack responsibility.

First, to demonstrate this happened, look no further than the steam weekend boundless ran. Where new players poured into the game and had this issue immediately. Only an hour or two of lost progression immediately stopped any further investment in the game.

What is your response to that? That they are not the players we want? Perhaps they aren’t dedicated or responsible enough to enjoy this game. Ludicrous!

The developers have a bad mechanism and need to fix it or the game will continue to suffer accordingly. It doesn’t effect me, so this isn’t personal. This is instead indicative of the behavior of those that don’t communicate openly, clearly and consistently with their customers and potential customers. Only in this industry is that considered acceptable and normal.

I want to leave you, and anyone else reading this, with a thought: If I found myself in this persons’ place, would I appreciate - and be grateful for - the decision to ensure I could return with no loss?


Huh? In 2 hours your beacons don’t expire?? And they can’t have lost many materials either…

Or didn’t they change to a normal beacon after a campfire?? Then perhaps the tutorial is not clear enough… Perhaps the whole campfire thing should be removed actually, I mean, if the game immediately let you craft a beacon with fuel and place they would at least be safe for a little longer than 2 hours…

Also, I mentioned it a few times already, perhaps new player worlds need to be added, where only new players can place beacons and where their stuff NEVER expires, but once they place and fuel a beacon on a non-starter world the game needs to make them understand that from then on regen can happen on their items and builds, if they don’t regularly re-fuel…


Wait what problem did they have? Lol really. You’re saying they started a game and you’re saying they reason they didn’t stick around was because they couldn’t keep their plots without some retrieval mechanism in place? Lol. Can you show me the many post and stats that these people stated this please? This is where I said we need to weigh the evidence. I could also use that line of reasoning of empathy on you. I work hard and PAID for this game with real money. This is what I agreed the game was when I bought it. I’m no sucker for free and easy ■■■■. If getting to round 175 in zombies was easy I wouldn’t have kept playing it for 3 years straight. Same with this game. I enjoy a task. I like the idea of looking at something and saying, yeah I did that. This community is pretty amazing at what we can do with eachother as well. I’m not here for handouts nor pander to people who cry about something that is so easy.